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Friday, October 28, 2022

Even Britain and the consummate America could not break the friendship of PM Modi and Putin.

Even if the war is going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last eight months. But even in the midst of this fight, India did not lose any opportunity to prove Russia as its greatest benefactor and friend.

Russia, which has been battling Ukraine for the last 8 months, has seen many ups and downs during this period. This was the time when Russia tried India's friendship very well. Especially when Britain, America, including Western countries, left no stone unturned to separate India from Russia. But even after this, between Russia and India, none of the countries of the world, among all the foolish and consummate countries, could infiltrate. Meaning India and Russia proved the strength of their relationship even in this delicate period of war. Talk of those relations, which are constantly trying to break the trickster China , the sly Britain and the consummate America .

Between Russia and India, call it all the mischief of the world or the evil forces, but they completely failed to infiltrate. Only and only because of the mutual understanding between Russia and India and the arrogance of these countries. The friendship of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin's teeth cut is famous all over the world. Putin is also a big fan of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally. Very few people would know about this.

Putin reads ballads in praise of Modi

Even in the midst of a war with Ukraine and a direct confrontation with the consummate US, Russian President Vladimir Putin has never shied away from praising India's Prime Minister Modi. Actually, the real reason behind all this is not a particular person Modi. But Putin's heart-o-mind is occupied by the astonishing foreign policy of the Modi government. In front of which in today's time, not only the Russian President is bow-headed, but the iron enemy and friend of Modi's infallible foreign policy has also been considered. And say Narendra Modi or else Indian Foreign Minister S. Where and what can be a good answer to Jaishankar?

In a recent ceremony held in Moscow, Vladimir Putin said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi that, 'He, that is, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is one of those people, who is to implement an independent foreign policy. are capable of. Narendra Modi is not only able to think about the interests of his people but he also takes steps for it without delay. Despite all efforts to impose any kind of sanctions on India, Narendra Modi has been tough and is moving in the direction which India desperately needs. In fact, in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war, the Western countries, including the US, have been continuously pressurizing India to break ties with Russia. Even after this, instead of bowing down, India agreed to face those pressures beautifully.

Putin told PM Modi a true patriot of India

Vladimir Putin also called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a true patriot of India at the ceremony and said that the time to come belongs to India. One can understand how much hot oil must have been poured by Putin's mouth-watering remarks on India's enemies from the West, America, China, Pakistan and the most cunning and well-regarded countries in this human world? Russian President Vladimir Putin's outspokenness was enough to show how happy Russia and Vladimir Putin are with India's historical progress. On this occasion, while praising India, Putin also mentioned India's journey of 75 years with impunity. Putin said that a lot has been done for India under the leadership of PM Modi.

Describing Modi as a true patriot, Putin also openly mentioned Modi's dream project 'Make in India'. The Russian President said that the views of Narendra Modi matter both from an economic and moral point of view. Referring to the eight-month-long war between Russia and Ukraine, Putin said that the friendship between India and Russia was tested on many occasions in this war. India played the role of a friend firmly. It is important to mention here that India, as an emerging superpower, made a memorable effort to convince Putin to stop the war. Remember that when in the SCO meeting, PM Modi had advised Putin to stop the war. At that time, friends and enemies praised that statement of the Indian Prime Minister with one voice.

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