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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Diwali 2022: Why Ganesha is worshiped with Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali, know its secret

Laxmi Ganesh Puja: Lord Ganesha is worshiped along with Maa Lakshmi on Diwali. However, very few people would know why both are worshiped together. Let's know about this.        

Laxmi Ganesh Puja on Diwali: In the festival of Diwali, Ganesh-Lakshmi is worshiped in the homes of all the people, but there will be very few people who know the reason for worshiping both people together. If Ganesh ji is the son of Goddess Lakshmi, then why is he worshiped on Diwali? Let us try to know the reason for worshiping Ganesha in this article.

Ganpati completes the tasks smoothly 

On Diwali, we worship Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, but everyone knows that Lord Ganesha is the destroyer of obstacles and the provider of Riddhi-Siddhi, therefore, at the beginning of every auspicious work, Ganesha is given the first place. Shri Ganesh has the boon of being the first worshiper and this boon was granted by his father Bholeshankar himself. Worship of any deity is neither started nor accepted without worshiping Ganesha. Everyone knows that while starting any work, there is a possibility of obstacles coming in it. After worshiping Vighnaharta Ganesh ji, it is believed that now that work will be completed smoothly, therefore Ganesha is worshiped before Lakshmi Puja. Shri Ganesh is also called the lord of complete learning and wisdom. The biggest reason for worshiping Ganesha with Lakshmi ji is that along with wealth, wisdom should always be with you.

Wisdom comes from wisdom

Having money is worthwhile only when it is put to good use. It is often seen that the conscience of man gets destroyed when money comes, so Shri Ganesh ji gives us good intellect and by taking shelter of that good intellect, we are able to make good use of the money earned by earning money, so in every householder's house. Ganesh ji is also established along with Lakshmi ji. 

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