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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali this year, celebrate the festival by bursting these firecrackers

Every year after Diwali the pollution increases so much that it becomes difficult to breathe. This is the reason why the state government is taking strict action. But this Diwali, you should also celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly way.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with pomp all over the country. However, Diwali is celebrated in different ways across the country. On Diwali, people decorate their house like a bride. Apart from the sparkling lights , people make Rangoli and do a lot of shopping as well. On this day people worship Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha, after which crackers are burst. But firecrackers are not only polluting our health but also the environment. So why not celebrate eco friendly Diwali this time and burst green firecrackers. This will not only harm us but also the environment.

What are Green Firecrackers?

Flower pots, pencils, sparkles and chakras are used by CSIR to prepare green firecrackers. Green crackers are made to reduce pollution. Talking about green firecrackers, they do not contain harmful chemicals and air pollution is less.

What is the difference between normal and green crackers?

Let us tell you that many flammable chemicals are used along with gunpowder to make normal firecrackers, which explode on burning and cause huge amount of pollution. , potassium nitrate and carbon have either been removed or its emissions are reduced by 15 to 30%.

Decorate home with diyas

If you do not like to burst crackers, then you can also celebrate Diwali with organic methods. The tradition of decorating the house with lamps is old, but today the craze of buying different types of candles is also increasing. Let us tell you that there is a substance called petroleum in the candle, which causes damage to nature. In such a situation, we should use earthen lamps and LED lights.

Make rangoli by hand

Nowadays, rangoli with plastic stickers are available in the markets. This is harmful to our nature. By not using it on Diwali, you can make Rangoli by hand even with the color of flowers, rice or Rangoli. It will look very beautiful.

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