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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sodium deficiency can also cause many diseases, know its symptoms and treatment

Deficiency of Sodium: Very little sodium is required in the body, but its deficiency can also cause many diseases. The sodium level in an adult person should be between 135 to 145 mEq/L. If it is more than this then it can cause many heart related problems. At the same time, due to its deficiency, the brain cells are weak, which can lead to many brain related problems.

Severe sodium deficiency can lead to a coma
Lack of sodium causes muscle cramps

Deficiency of Sodiam: Often we discuss more about the harm of eating more salt, but due to lack of salt or sodium in the body, many diseases can also occur. When the amount of fluid in the body becomes too much or too little, then the amount of sodium in the blood becomes too low. It has a very bad effect on the mind. Sodium in the blood helps in conducting electricity in the body, due to which we are able to do any work properly. Sodium is the electrolyte that regulates the water in each of the body's cells. Sodium deficiency is also called hyponatremia in medical language. Sodium helps in maintaining regular blood pressure. It balances the fluids in the body and helps to activate the muscles and nerves. The sodium level in an adult person should be between 135 to 145 mEq/L.

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what happens due to sodium deficiency
health line According to this, when there is a shortage of sodium in the blood, the amount of water in the body starts increasing and it causes swelling. Inflammation causes many problems. Even life can be put at risk by this. Due to severe sodium deficiency, a person can go into a coma. It affects the brain the most because swelling in the brain leads to loss of memory and confusion and confusion.

What are the symptoms
, due to lack of sodium in the body, the brain starts getting weak. Headache is always common. There is often confusion in the mind. Apart from this, there is fatigue in the body. Due to the deficiency of sodium, the person starts feeling tired and lethargic. Irritability and forgetfulness. There is always confusion in the mind. Due to the lack of sodium in the blood, there is a feeling of nervousness and restlessness. Sodium activates the muscles but its deficiency leads to muscle cramps. Muscles start to twitch and ache. Stomach problems also occur due to lack of sodium. Due to this, there is complaint of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. There is always a feeling of hunger. Apart from this, I feel very weak. In severe cases, the patient becomes unconscious.

How to meet sodium deficiency
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an adult person needs 5 grams of salt daily. They should have 2 grams of sodium. More or less both are dangerous. Excessive consumption causes high blood pressure disease. Eating less has a negative effect on the brain. If the above symptoms are seen, then get the osmolality blood test and urine test done with the advice of doctors. Consume salt in case of deficiency. In the state of unconsciousness, doctors offer sodium compound to the patient by dripping, due to which the deficiency of salt is completed.

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