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Friday, September 9, 2022

Pitru Paksha: Take precautions while performing Shradh in Pitru Paksha, don't forget to do these mistakes


It is believed that there are some rules regarding eating and drinking during these 16 days of Pitru Paksha. If you eat some forbidden things during this time, then you can get bad results for it.

According to the Hindu calendar, Pitru Paksha is going to start from Saturday 10th September, which will run till 25th September. During these days people perform tarpan and shradh for their ancestors. In Pitru Paksha , we remember our ancestors and follow charity-dharma. However, there are some rules regarding donations made in the name of ancestors and Shradh. Mistakes happen inadvertently or unknowingly in the paternal side. What mistakes should be avoided during Pitru Paksha, today we will tell you about this.

Do not make these mistakes during Pitru Paksha

As far as possible, in these days, we should consume only sattvic food. There is a belief in Hinduism that the choice of food also affects our nature and it is considered necessary to be simple in Pitru Paksha. Let us tell you that garlic and onion are considered as tamasic food. Therefore, both of these are not used in any religious work. It is said that this mistake should be avoided during Pitru Paksha. Apart from this, milk should not be consumed too much.

Avoid consuming meat and alcohol

Let us tell you that along with garlic and onion, one should not make the mistake of consuming non-vegetarian food during Pitru Paksha. Eggs and non-vegetarian food is considered absolutely prohibited at the time of Shradh. Apart from this, consumption of alcohol, bidi, cigarette and tobacco should be avoided. Not only this, those who perform Tarpan for 16 days during Pitru Paksha should not consume gram.

Keep these things in mind

According to the belief, ancestors like flowers with mild fragrance. Therefore, only white flowers of light fragrance should be offered to them. Offering flowers with excessive or pungent aroma is considered taboo. Most of the people do not know in which direction to offer the ancestors. Therefore, while offering Tarpan or Pind, one should sit facing the south direction only. Also keep in mind that Shradh should never be performed under debt or pressure. Along with this, Bhagavad Gita should be recited daily during Pitru Paksha.

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