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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

If you work in night shift, be alert while returning home, remember these 8 safety tips

Nowadays women also have to work in the late night shift in the office, in such a situation there is often worry, fear in their mind about their safety. Instead of being afraid in such situations, you need to be alert. Also, keep these safety tips mentioned here in mind.

If you work in night shift then do not use personal vehicle.
If you return home by office cab at night, then there must be an extra security guard in the vehicle.

Night Safety Tips for Women: Nowadays, along with men, women also have to work in night shifts in offices. However, keeping in mind the safety of women in many offices, they are asked to work in day shifts. But, those who have to work late night, often worry, fear remains in their mind about their safety. Many times it happens that you return home by cab at 12-1 pm. Of course, the cab facility should be from the office side, but while going through the deserted road at night or the fear of the cab driver, the fear remains in the mind. However, instead of getting scared in such situations, you need to be alert. If you also have to do a late night ship or you are returning home alone from the station, airport during the journey, then keep some things in mind.

Safety tips for working the late night shift

nayka.com According to a news published in, women should keep all the necessary emergency helpline numbers with them. Apart from this, every woman professional who works late should keep the number of at least three senior members of her office on speed dial and the contact number of at least three members of the household on speed dial. This will also save time in checking the contact list, searching or dialing the number in Masubet's watch.

You have to be alert all the time. No matter how tired you are, don't make the mistake of sleeping in the cab. Be alert and keep an eye on the route. Many times you have to return home alone late at night, so be careful while taking a private cab. Try to call someone from home to office and go with them.

Taking care of your safety is also the responsibility of your employer. Be it day or night, make yourself an expert in some techniques for self-defense. Keep a small knife, pepper spray in your pocket or purse with you. If you are coming from anywhere other than the office late at night, then stay in contact with your family members. Where are you, keep informing about when you will return home. This is how you can ensure your safety.

If you feel threatened by the actions of a male employee while working in the night shift in the office, you feel yourself insecure, then do not remain silent. Before it is too late, take a stand for yourself and tell the management everything.

If you do not want to do night shift continuously, then talk to the seniors about this. Demand to make shift chart on rotation basis. Continuous night shift is also not good for health and it becomes very difficult to handle the family.

If there is office timing in the day, then you should use personal car, scooty, but do not forget to do so in the night shift. No one knows when the car, scooty gets damaged on the middle of the road. Strictly refuse if the cab driver takes you by shortcut. Many times, even if you go by a personal vehicle in an emergency, do not go through a deserted or shortcut route. Even if it takes you an hour to reach home.

If you return home by cab at night, then keep in mind that the extra security guard should also accompany the vehicle. Actually, it is very important to have a security guard along with women employees in the cab, because if the car breaks down on the way, gets stopped, then the security guard should book another cab or auto and drop it at home.

Office management and seniors should also keep in mind that providing free pick and drop facility to female employee is not enough. The organization should conduct a thorough background check of all pool or cab drivers. Every woman employee and her family should have the contact number of the cab driver.

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