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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Hair Care Tips: Strong sunlight damages hair, take care of hair with these easy tips

Harm For Hair Of Strong Sunlight: If you feel that exposure to strong sunlight has its effect on your skin, then for your information, let us tell you that strong sunlight damages your hair the most, let's know. How?

Strong Sunlight Damages Hair:  The strong sun of summer is very harmful for your hair, some people think that only skin cells are damaged by the sun, but let us tell you that due to the heat of summer, your hair fall, graying of hair, all such types. There is a problem of hair loss, so try to protect your hair in summer, in fact, an element called melanin is formed in our body, due to which the hair becomes black, but due to sunlight in excess heat, melanin starts drying due to which the problem of hair starts. becomes. Let us tell you here what damages can be caused to the hair by the sun?

Take care of hair like this in the sun - 
keep hair covered 

You can use an umbrella or a scarf to hide the hair, by doing this the direct effect of the sun does not fall on your hair and the hair protection remains in a better way, which keeps your hair safe. So go out of the house. Always cover your hair with a cloth.

Use conditioner and shampoo 

Due to sweating in summer, the whole hair becomes sticky, and keeping the hair open fills our head with dust, if we do not protect the hair in time, then its effect starts appearing on the hair directly. Like hair fall, dandruff, white hair growth, etc. That's why we should keep using shampoo and conditioner in the hair from time to time.

Ways to keep hair safe in summer 

1-Clean the scalp properly after sweating from the head

2- Do not let the lack of water in the body during the summer season 

3- Keep the hair covered as soon as you go out 

Do shampoo and conditioner in 4-weeks 

Take 5-vitamin E in plenty so that the hair remains strong.

(Disclaimer: Before adopting the information given here, please take medical advice. Newztezz Online does not confirm this.)

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