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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Ganpati Visarjan 2022: When is Anant Chaturdashi? Keep these things in mind during Ganesh Visarjan

Ganpati Visarjan on Anant Chaturdashi 2022: After the establishment of Ganesha, the phase of Ganesh Visarjan has started, but after the 10-day Ganeshotsav festival, Ganpati is immersed on September 9, Anant Chaturdashi. 

Ganpati Visarjan Muhurat Vidhi and Niyam: Ganpati Visarjan takes place on Anant Chaturdashi, 10 days after Ganesha is established on Ganesh Chaturthi. People bid farewell to Ganpati Bappa with a request to come early next year. On the other hand, some people keep Ganpati for one and a half days, three days, five days and eight days apart from ten days. Because of this, the process of Ganpati immersion starts in the auspicious time from one and a half days after the establishment of Ganpati. This year, after the 10-day Ganeshotsav, Ganpati immersion will take place on Anant Chaturdashi, Friday, September 9. During this, the ghats of rivers and ponds across the country resonate from the sea of ​​Mumbai to the slogans of Ganpati Bappa. Let us know some important things and rules related to immersion before Ganpati immersion. 

Riddhi-Siddhi sits with Ganpati 

In Maharashtra, along with Ganapati, Gauri i.e. Riddhi-Siddhi also resides. It is called Gauri Ganpati. During this, special decorations are done in the houses and many types of bhog are offered to Gauri Ganapati. 

Keep these things in mind during Ganesh Visarjan 

Before Ganpati immersion, worship Ganpati and sit on a new post. After worshiping Ganapati, offer sandalwood, kumkum, akshat, water, paan, betel nut, durba, bhog etc. to him. Light the incense. After this, with folded hands to Ganesh ji, apologize for your mistakes. Also, seek blessings of doing good in life. After this, go for immersion with singing and dancing in the procession. During this, neither wear any leather thing, nor wear black clothes. Don't get intoxicated. Immerse yourself by praying to Ganapati to come early with full devotion. 

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