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Monday, September 26, 2022

Fasting Rules: Know these things before fasting for Navratri, otherwise you may have to bear the loss

Navratri Vrat: In Navratri, everyone keeps a fast, due to which the mother is pleased and fulfills all the wishes. It is necessary to follow some rules while keeping the fast of Navratri. 

Navratri Vrat Niyam: Navratri is a holy festival of reverence and devotion. During this, a fast is kept for 9 days and the mother is worshipped. This is a very holy festival, during this time fasting should be done with full rules and regulations. However, the method of fasting varies from place to place. Everyone can keep fast according to their faith and power, but it is necessary to follow the rules. Let us know what things should be taken care of during the fasting of Navratri. 

Nine rules of Navratri fasting

1. Brahmacharya should be followed while keeping the fast of Navratri. During the fast, one should serve the mother by becoming pure with body and mind. 

2. Worship should be done methodically for nine days. Take bath and worship everyday. Aarti should be done both in the morning and evening, in the evening also the aarti should be done after being pure. 

3. The meaning of fasting is spiritual practice. One should not do any sinful work during the fasting of Navratri. Stealing, lying, anger and greed should be given up. Good deeds should be done during the fast. One should not behave badly with anyone.

4. Virgo is considered to be the form of mother. Girls are also worshiped during Navratri. Therefore, the girl or the woman should not be insulted. Women should be respected.

5. Mother resides everywhere in Navratri. Meat and alcohol should not be consumed during these days. Sattvic food should be taken. 

Fasting means abstinence. During this, exercise restraint on eating and eat less, even if it is a fruit. 

7. One should not fast in the event of being ill, due to which the fast is broken in the middle. It is forbidden to fast even in periods.

8. It is necessary to follow some rules in Navratri. If you keep a fast, then hair and nails should not be cut. Making beard and mustache is also considered taboo in these days.

9. In Navratri, fasting should be done for the whole nine days. On the day of Navami or Ashtami, girls should take food only after having a feast. Worshiping a girl on the day of Navami is considered auspicious.

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