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Friday, September 30, 2022

Air India changed the rules, now such passengers will have to pay more money for tickets

Air India Customer Care: The basic fare discount given by Tata Group's airline Air India to senior citizens and students has been halved. It was told by the airline that it has reduced the discount given on basic fare to senior citizens and students from 50 percent to 25 percent.

Now 25 percent discount will

be available, according to the information given on the company's website, the revised discount in base fare has become effective from September 29. Till now Air India was giving 50 percent discount in both these categories. According to the information available on Air India's website, 'Senior citizens and students will get 25 percent discount on the basic fare of tickets issued on or after September 29. This discount will be available on select booking category in economy cabin.

Discounts of other categories will continue,

Air India spokesperson said that after considering the market situation, we have made changes on the discounts available to senior citizens and students. He said that when compared to other private airlines, the discount on base fare was almost double. Apart from this, the relaxation in other categories will continue.

Let us tell you that Tata Group's loss-making Air India has completed the acquisition from the government on January 27 of this year. After the takeover, many steps have also been taken in the interest of the employees of Air India, under which the facility of medical insurance is being provided to the employees and their families by the company.

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