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Thursday, August 18, 2022

You will get the desired success and you will become rich, when Laddu Gopal will be worshiped according to the zodiac

If you want that by the grace of Lord Shri Krishna, all the stalled works are completed on time and you get the desired success, then this year you should worship Laddu Gopal according to your zodiac sign.

In Hinduism, Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated every year with great joy and gaiety. This year this holy festival will be celebrated on 19th August 2022. On the birth anniversary of Kanha, everyone worships him according to his reverence and ability. Worship of Lord Shri Krishna is considered very simple and soon fruitful, but if you worship your Laddu Gopal according to your zodiac on the festival of Janmashtami this year, then surely the grace of Murli Manohar will shower on you soon. Let us know by which method a person of any zodiac should worship.


The people of Aries must use Ganges water and red colored flowers in the worship of Lord Shri Krishna, the holy festival of Janmashtami this year. Similarly, red colored fruits like pomegranate, apple and red colored sweets should be offered. If you want, you can also offer Lal Peda made from cow's milk.


On Janmashtami this year, people of Taurus zodiac must offer white colored flowers, white barfi made from cow's milk or peda etc. to get the desired blessings from Lord Shri Krishna. Similarly, use white sandalwood in the worship of Kanha.


The people of Gemini zodiac should worship Murli Manohar standing with the cow this year. Along with this, after anointing them with cow's milk, Panchamrit and Tulsi Dal must be offered.


On the worship of Janmashtami, this year people of Cancer zodiac should specially use white flowers in the worship of Lord Shri Krishna. Similarly, white colored sweets made of coconut etc., sugar candy, butter etc. must be offered in worship.


On the birth anniversary of Kanha, to get the desired boon to the people of Leo zodiac, Lord Krishna should bathe with saffron in the Ganges water and apply saffron tilak in the worship. People of Leo zodiac must offer jaggery along with Panchmeva in Bhog to Lord Krishna.


People of Virgo zodiac should offer a garland made of Tulsi to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami and Panjiri made of flour and coriander in the bhog. With this method of worship, all their wishes will be fulfilled soon.


According to astrology, the people of Libra zodiac should offer lotus flower to Laddu Gopal after bathing him with cow's milk on the birth anniversary of Kanha. People of Libra zodiac should offer ghee and butter made from cow's milk to get the desired blessings from Kanha.


On the holy festival of Janmashtami, people of Scorpio zodiac should especially offer red colored flowers and red colored sweets or jaggery etc. should be offered in the prasad.


People of Sagittarius zodiac should bathe Kanha with saffron milk on Janmashtami. Also, yellow flowers and yellow colored fruits should be offered in his worship. Along with this, Kanha should be specially applied tilak of saffron or turmeric.


In the worship of Janmashtami, Gangajal must be used in the worship of Laddu Gopal. Similarly, betel leaf and betel nut must be offered along with sweets made from cow's milk. It is believed that by doing this remedy, the wishes of the seeker are fulfilled soon.


This year, while worshiping Laddu Gopal, specially bathe him with milk, curd, sugar and honey and offer Panchmeva or Balushahi in the prasad.


People of Pisces zodiac should use saffron in the form of tilak while worshiping Kanha on Janmashtami. Similarly, yellow colored clothes, yellow colored flowers and yellow colored flowers must be offered in worship.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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