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Friday, August 5, 2022

This flower can remove every crisis related to money, it is related to Saturn

The favorite flowers of all the gods and goddesses have been told in the scriptures. The flower of Aparajita is liked by Shani Dev and Lord Vishnu. It is said that by taking some measures, the problem of money can end. Know here the easy solution.

Special importance of flowers is considered during worship. Flowers are used in all the works ranging from adornment to gods and goddesses. It is said that flowers are very dear to God. In the scriptures, the favorite flowers of all the gods and goddesses have also been told. One of them is the flower of Aparajita. The relation of Aparajita plant and its flower is believed to be with Shani Dev . Its flower is of blue colour. It is said that apart from Shani Dev, this flower is also very much liked by Lord Vishnu. Not only this, all such astrological measures are taken through the flower of Aparajita, due to which the grace of Narayan, Mata Lakshmi and Shani Dev remains on the family and any crisis related to money ends. There is prosperity in the family. Let us tell you about the remedies related to the flower of Aparajita.

  1. Some people earn a lot of money, but all the money is spent like water. If the same thing happens to you, then on Monday, take 5 Aparajita flowers and throw them together in running water. With this, your problem will be controlled in no time and money will remain with you.
  2. If your vault is empty, then on Tuesday, offer Aparajita flower at the feet of Hanuman ji. After worship, take this flower and keep it in your vault or where you keep money. In no time it will rain and the vault will be filled again.
  3. If you have started a business and there is a loss in it, then tie the root of the Aparajita plant in a blue cloth and hang it outside the shop. Daytime and night quadruple progress will start. If you are going to start a business, then you can do so in the beginning with the advice of an astrologer.
  4. To overcome the problem of money, you can also offer Aparajita flowers by offering water to Shivling on Monday. Also, on Saturday, offer these flowers to Shani Dev. This will strengthen the position of Saturn in your horoscope and you will not have any shortage of money.
  5. If there is any problem in your job or you are not getting promotion for a long time, then offer 6 flowers of Aparajita, 5 pieces of alum to the Mother Goddess. After this, tie it on the waist with the help of a belt. The belt should not be of leather. The next day, give that belt to a girl, float the flowers in water and keep the pieces of alum in your pocket when you go to office. This will give you success faster. Even while going for an interview, go by putting pieces of alum in your pocket.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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