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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Social Media Addiction: Has Social Media Become Addiction? Get rid of it with these easy tricks

Quit Social Media: Social media has made a home in our lives. It is difficult for us now to think life without it. We are surrounded by social media all the time while sleeping and waking up. It is very difficult to get rid of the growing addiction of social media, but we can get rid of it by adopting some easy tricks.

Stop Social Media Addiction: The increasing use of social media has now become a threat to us. Because of social media, we are getting cut off from real life and living in an imagined world. Where some relationships are with people who don't really exist. Social media has completely changed our lives. This has also reduced our ability to work. It is spoiling both our personal and professional life. If the distance is not made at the right time, then it can cause big problems. Let's know easy ways to overcome social media addiction-

Fix time

You can fix time to run social media. Make time to run social media for 10 minutes every 2 hours. You can also do this by staying away from social media throughout the day and then gather for some time in the evening.

Change the way of entertainment

Our main purpose of running social media is to entertain. If we can watch movies or some interesting web series instead of social media. Start by watching TV, then make friends with books, then you will not need the help of social media for entertainment.

Take one day off a week

Start with one day a week to distance yourself from social media. You can completely turn off social media on your holiday. By doing this you will be stress free and happy throughout the day. 

Last stage

Now you delete the time wasting apps of social media from your phone. It is a bit difficult to hear, but if you do this then there will be no problem, rather you will feel happy like the victory of a task. During this, initially you will feel like installing these social media apps, but this is the time to control, if you win this time then you will be successful and you will get rid of social media addiction forever. 

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