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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Don't women have monkeypox? Know which people are getting this disease the most

There has been a lot of stir in Delhi about a woman being found infected with monkeypox. Actually, it is very rare when women also get infected with monkeypox.

So far many cases of monkeypox have been reported in India and one person has also died in Kerala. A woman was also found infected in Delhi, who was the first woman. For the first time in India, the news of a woman having monkeypox has come to the fore. Actually, monkeypox infection was confirmed in a 31-year-old Nigerian woman in Delhi. It is being told that the victim woman has fever and there is talk of a wound in her hand. There has been a stir when the woman is infected, because the cases of monkeypox in women are very less.

In such a situation, we know that after all, what does not happen to women monkeypox and in which class of people most cases have been found. Also, you will know which people have been advised earlier to avoid monkeypox and have issued guidelines for them.

Do women not have monkeypox?

Many types of reports have come out about monkeypox and in many research different claims have been made about monkeypox. However, so far no report has said that monkeypox does not occur in women. Even before this, cases of monkeypox have been reported in women all over the world, but their number is less. Apart from this, it has not been told in any report that monkeypox can be more in women.

Which class has the most

Now let's talk about which people have the most cases of monkeypox. Recently, a report in the England Journal of Medicine revealed that 98 percent of monkeypox cases are coming in gay or bisexual men. That is, men who have been having a relationship with other men, those people are more at risk of getting infected with monkeypox. At the same time, it has the highest number of cases among citizens of Africa and its surrounding countries. At the same time, WHO has also admitted that 98 percent of monkeypox cases have been found in gay, bisexual people.

To whom have you been given special advice?

Now special advice has been given to those men, make sex with men only. Along with this, men who make relationships with more than one person, then they will have to make a safe choice in this era and reduce the number. Many reports have also been said about the number of sexual partners, while some reports have said that there is nothing like this. Actually, the virus can be transmitted to each other while having a relationship and it is likely to increase in the case of an unprotected relationship.

The central government has issued an advisory amid increasing cases of monkeypox in the country. The Ministry of Health has said that monkeypox can be caused by being in contact with or meeting infected people for a long time. Also, it has been said in the guideline that if you are showing symptoms of monkeypox, then avoid going to crowded places or public events. It takes 6 to 13 days for the symptoms of monkeypox to appear after infection. In some cases, it may take 5 to 21 days. Symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue and back pain appear within the next 5 days from the day of infection.

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