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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express gets sattvik certificate, ban on eating and carrying non-veg

Satvik certificate has been issued to Vande Bharat Express going from Delhi to Katra. Eating or carrying non-veg is completely prohibited in this train.

If you travel from Delhi to Katra by premium train Vande Bharat Express , then this is important information for you. Passengers traveling by this train cannot carry non-veg food. In fact, Vande Bharat Express has been given a sattvik certificate from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ie IRCTC. This means that this train has been kept hygienic in every sense. An agreement has been signed between IRCTC and Sattvik Council of India regarding this. In this direction, work is going on fast from IRCTC side.

The kitchen of this train has also been kept completely sattvik. All those who cook and serve food in the kitchen will be sattvik. There are some trains in the country that work to connect religious places. In such a situation, keeping in mind the religious sentiments of the passengers, this initiative has been started by IRCTC.

Satvik certificate will be issued to 18 trains

Under this initiative, it has been introduced for the first time in the Vande Bharat Express going to Katra. Sattvik certificates will be issued to many more trains in the coming days. After this, there will be a complete ban on eating non-veg in these trains. According to media reports, in the coming days, a total of 18 trains will be issued sattvik certificates by IRCTC.

Two Vande Bharat trains currently operating

Currently two Vande Bharat trains are being operated. One Vande Bharat Express operates between Delhi to Katra, while the other train operates between New Delhi to Varanasi. Very soon the operation of the third Vande Bharat Express will be started. It is believed that this train will be started before August 15. It is a semi high speed train. The speed of the new train will be more. It will reach a speed of 160 kmph in less time than the other two Vande Bharat trains.

3rd Vande Bharat Express will start very soon

According to the report, it will be trialed by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai for the first 45 days, then its route will be determined. It is possible that the route of the third Vande Bharat train may be decided on the occasion of Durga Puja.

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