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Friday, August 12, 2022

Bhujriya 2022: Today will celebrate Bhujriya festival! Know why wheat kajlis are distributed to each other

Bhujriya 2022 Date: Bhujriya or Kajaliya festival is celebrated on the second day of Raksha Bandhan. On this day, people wish each other happiness and prosperity by giving each other wheat bhujriyas. 

Kajaliya 2022 Katha Significance: After celebrating Rakshabandhan on the full moon of Sawan month, the next day Bhujaria festival is celebrated on Pratipada of Bhadrapada month. It is also called Kajaliya festival. This year Bhujaria festival will be celebrated today i.e. on 12th August 2022. On this day people meet each other and give Bhujriya of wheat and wish them a happy Bhujriya festival. This festival is celebrated with the wish of good rains, harvest, and lots of happiness and prosperity in life. Therefore, on this day, people give messages of good luck to each other to be full of wealth. This festival is celebrated with the most pomp in Bundelkhand. 

Bhujaria is made from wheat and barley

Bhujaria is grown from wheat and barley grains. For this, wheat or barley grains are sown by laying soil in small bamboo baskets on the Ashtami and Navami of the month of Sawan. Then they are given water daily. In about a week, sprouts sprout and bhujriyas grow in them. On the day of Bhujaria festival, the same Bhujaria is distributed to each other and blessings are taken by touching the feet of elders. These Bhujris are also worshiped so that there is good rain and harvest this year. 

Importance of worshiping Bhujaris

Worship is offered to these Bhujaris and it is wished that this year rains should be good so that good crops can be obtained. These bhujariyas are four to six inches long and are a symbol of a new crop. There is a legend about Bhujaria that King Alha is associated with Udal's sister Chanda. When Alha's sister Chanda came to the city in the month of Sawan, people welcomed her with Kajlis. Since then this tradition is going on. Other than this 

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