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Monday, July 25, 2022

World IVF Day: IVF is the solution to infertility, is ICSI technology better than this?

IVF and ICSI: In the last few years, the problem of infertility is being overcome through Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) technology. It is being used more in cases of male infertility.

On 25 July 1978, the world's first test tube baby was born. Since then, every year on July 25, 25 World IVF Day is celebrated worldwide. Let us know from the experts what is IVF and how ICSI is different from it. Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil, Founder and President, Gunjan IVF World Group, says that IVF has proved to be very beneficial in solving the problem of infertility. Through this process for many years, there is happiness in the lives of women suffering from infertility.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) reproductive technology is now being used for the last few years. Where IVF is not effective, ICSI is used. It is used in cases where the sperm count is very low in men. According to Dr. Gunjan, ICSI has revolutionized the treatment of male infertility. This has recently given better results in cases of men with low or no sperm count.

For whom is ICSI beneficial?

ICSI technique is very beneficial in male infertility. Men whose IVF has not been successful. Men whose sperm count is very low can also resort to this technique. ICSI takes five to six weeks. This technique is somewhat different from IVF . In IVF the sperm and eggs are fertilized, but in ICSI the sperm is injected directly into the eggs. In ICSI, the best sperm and embryos are selected through the use of artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, laser assisted hatching and robotic ICSI procedures. Which leads to much better results.

what are these techniques

1. Artificial Intelligence – In this technique the AI ​​system reviews hundreds of images of each embryo in large quantities, analyzing each embryo with the greatest chance of developing.

2. Robotic Technology and Nanobots – In nanotechnology, a nanobot is used to select and move the best sperm cell until it enters the egg, before implanting a healthy embryo in the uterus.

3. Laser Assisted Hatching – In some cases there is also a possibility that the embryo transfer in utero is not successful, in such cases, once the best embryo is selected, laser assisted hatching is done on the selected embryo before implantation. The hatching process is done, which makes it easier for the embryo to implant better in the endometrium.

The problem of infertility is increasing continuously

According to Dr. Rita Bakshi, Founder, Risaa IVF, the problem of infertility has increased significantly due to reduced eggs in women and low sperm count in men. This is happening due to mental stress and bad eating habits. The demand for IVF has increased by 50 times in the last 5 years and this figure will increase even more in the coming years. That is why it is important that people take care of their diet and lead the right lifestyle.

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