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Monday, July 25, 2022

What is Age Gap Relationship? Know its good and bad aspects


Edge just a number' This line must be heard and spoken many times in common life, but when it comes to relationship and there is a lot of age gap in it, then both positive and negative aspects of it can be seen.

Age Gap Relationship:  It is said that love has no age. Be it love at first sight or any relationship decided with the help of family, age comes only last. If some research is to be believed, then many challenges may also have to be faced in this way. A gap of at least three years in a relationship is considered ideal but what if the age gap in the relationship is high?

It can have both positive and negative effects on the relationship. Because with age, both maturity level and experience increase. In this situation, it becomes difficult to adjust with any age group and even the situation of differences between the couples comes.

What is Age Gap Relationship

According to Stylecrase , women or men in an age gap relationship are much older than their partner's age. Such relationships can be very challenging. There is no need to be bound by any kind of age restriction for love. But there are times when the things of the society start having an effect on the relationship. 

Positive aspects of age gap relationship -
Maturity is essential in the relationship, which happens in age gap relationship.
Couples learn to respect each other in an age gap relationship.
-Couples accept the age gap and live life well.
An older person understands the feelings of his partner.
Couples with age gap can easily understand each other's problems.

Negative aspects of age gap relationship - In age gap relationship
, there can be problem of ego between the two. In an age gap relationship, it becomes difficult to reconcile after a while. Due to different ages, the choice of both can be different, which can increase the fights.

There is no age limit in love. While age gap relationships were common in the 80s, it is once again trending in the changing times. 

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