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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Monkeypox is spread by having sex in 99 percent of patients, is this also a virus like HIV?

Monkeypox Virus: Monkeypox virus has spread to 75 countries so far. Most of its cases are being reported in America, UK and Spain. Monkeypox is spreading most among men in these countries.

Monkeypox virus is spreading rapidly in the world . In just three months, this virus has spread to 75 countries and more than 18 thousand cases have come. Five infected have also died. According to the World Health Organization , most cases of this zoonotic disease are coming in the US, UK, Canada and Spain. Surprisingly, 99 percent of the infected patients found in these countries are men. Those who have had physical relations with other men and who have more than one partner.

In such a situation, it is being feared that this virus is also a sexually transmitted disease like HIV, but is it really so and monkeypox virus is also similar to HIV virus? To know the answer to these questions, Tv9 has talked to experts.

Dr. Neeraj Nishrachal , Additional Professor, Department of Medicine , All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) , New Delhi, told TV9 that the cases of monkeypox are coming more in gay men, but this virus also spreads in many other ways. Monkeypox is also spread through prolonged contact with an infected patient, skin-to-skin touch transmission, contact with an infected animal, and the use of utensils or clothing of an infected patient. Transmission of this virus is happening in many ways other than sex. In such a situation, it cannot be said that monkeypox is only a sexually transmitted disease.

Is monkeypox the same as corona?

Dr. Neeraj explains that the transmission of monkeypox is not at all like Kovid. There is some difference in the methods of transmission of both, the corona spreads very fast from one person to another, but monkeypox occurs only after being in contact for a long time. The possibility of monkeypox spreading through the air is very low. So there is no need to panic about it.

Is there a vaccine for monkeypox?

Dr. told that there is a vaccine for monkeypox . In 2019, a vaccine named JYNNEOS was approved for the treatment of smallpox. This vaccine can be used to treat monkeypox. There is also evidence that the smallpox vaccine may prove effective against monkeypox. Therefore, vaccination against smallpox is expected to protect against monkeypox.

According to Dr. Neeraj, people born after 1980 have not been vaccinated against smallpox. But people before this have got this vaccine. In such a situation, it is expected that people above 42 years of age will be less prone to small pox.

Why is monkeypox spreading among gay men?

Health policy and epidemiologist Dr. Anshuman Kumar told in a conversation with TV9 that if a person is infected with monkeypox, then his body does not get rashes immediately. It may also take three to five days, but if a physical relationship is made with someone before the rash comes out, then this virus spreads from one man to another through semen. Therefore, even if there is no rash on the body, but sex has been done with an infected patient, then there is a possibility of spreading this virus. But it is spreading due to many other reasons.

This is the reason why this virus is spreading among gay men in America, UK and Spain. The number of gay men in these countries is quite high. Many times these people have sex without protection. Due to which more cases of this virus are coming in gay men. Although it cannot be said that monkeypox is also the same virus as HIV. Because monkeypox spreads in many other ways as well.

protect like this

Dr. Anshuman explains that it is very important to take care of hand hygiene to prevent monkeypox. If you are going out, keep washing your hands with soap from time to time. If you have gone to a club or restaurant, then wash your hands after touching anything.

If you are showing symptoms of flu, isolate yourself.

Do not travel to monkeypox affected countries

Do not come in contact with a person who has fever

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