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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Lying down immediately after eating can be fatal for you, spreading poison in the stomach can kill you

Food is beneficial for our health, but sometimes food can harm us a lot. It can also make you sick ,  but not like that . Rather it happens when you eat more heavy food at night and go to sleep soon after that then it starts inviting diseases . If you also fall asleep immediately after having dinner, then it is making you sick . Not only this, if you do this even during the day, then it is harmful for your health .

acidity and burning

If you also go to sleep immediately after eating, then you may have acidity and burning problems . Please tell that sleeping immediately after eating slows down the digestion process . After eating food, the body starts digesting the food . The intestine makes acid to digest food and if you fall asleep immediately after eating, then this acid comes out of the stomach and reaches the food pipe and part of the lungs and this is the cause of irritation .

Sleep spoils too

After eating food, sleep comes immediately but late at night sleep starts breaking . If this process is done daily, then it starts disturbing sleep . This is because food gets stored in the stomach and digestion slows down .

non-digestion of food

If you fall asleep immediately after eating food ,  then your food is not digested properly. The reason for this is that after you sleep, most of the body parts become immobile and stop working. In such a situation, the process of digestion gets interrupted during sleep ,  due to which there is trouble in digesting food. This is the reason that people who fall asleep after eating food ,  their stomach feels full even after getting up.

problem of diabetes

Let us tell you that  after eating food, the level of sugar i.e. glucose in the body increases. In such a situation, if there is a habit of sleeping while eating, then the sugar is not used in the body and more sugar starts dissolving in the blood, always due to such habit the risk of diabetes increases .

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