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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Crime: Canada became a safe land for terrorists and gangsters, becoming the hub of crime

Crime Hub: When it comes to being lenient towards criminals who commit organized crime, leading mafia experts believe that Canada is such a country in the world, in which even after committing heinous crimes from any country, there will be a lot of crime there for centuries to come. Comfort is hidden. These people are running their crime network from there. If these dangerous gangsters consider themselves to be the safest somewhere in the terrorist world, then it is Canada. But it is slowly proving to be dangerous for Canada and the people living there. Because there is a clash between the gangsters and the terrorists who have taken refuge there. According to a report of the investigating agencies, Canada is becoming a stronghold of gangsters of many countries and that is why many big mafia of the world have also settled there.

Many gangsters are hiding in Canada

But today we will tell you about the gangsters and terrorists of Punjab who have gone to India and hid in Canada, where they feel that they are not in danger. Talking about only Punjab from India, seven notorious gangsters and terrorists, out of which five are listed in 'A' category and wanted by the Punjab Police in cases of murder, robbery, extortion and kidnapping, have been easily in Canada for many years. hidden away. These include Goldie Brar, Arsh Dala, Raman Judge, Rinku Randhawa, Lakhbir Landa, Baba Dala, Sukha Duneke. These people are allegedly working with radical organizations, which are carrying out terrorist operations and killings in Punjab, apart from doing extortion from there. The recent killings of Sidhu Musewala and Ripudaman Malik have exposed the nexus between gangsters and hardline terrorists.

Recent cases involved

The police have named them as accused in three recent cases, including the May 9 attack on the Intelligence Office in Mohali, the May 29 murder of Sidhu Musewala and the July 14 attack on Ripudaman Singh Malik in Surrey, Canada. involving the charge of murder. Of these seven gangsters, A-listed is Lakhbir Singh alias Landa, wanted in the attack on the Intelligence Bureau office in Mohali and Goldie Brar in the Moosewala murder case as well as Charanjit Singh alias Charanjit Singh in several other similar cases. Rinku Randhawa, Arshdeep Singh aka Arsh Dala and Ramandeep Singh aka Raman Judge Wanted. Two other gangsters are Gurpinder Singh alias Baba Dhalla and Sukhdul Singh alias Sukha Duneke. Both are wanted in cases of target killing,

Government issued RCN

The Government of India has issued Red Corner Notices (RCNs) against four of them, while the process is on for others. Extradition proceedings will also begin immediately after the Canadian authorities confirm that the accused are in their country. Let us tell you that a country issues such notices to security agencies, airports and other transport authorities only when the criminal is wanted in a serious criminal case and that is a threat to the security and air integrity of the country. Lookout circulars are issued to trace and apprehend that person as soon as possible and this circular is issued by Interpol on the request of a country, allowing a person to be traced worldwide and pending extradition. There is a circular for provisionally arrest. This RCN is necessary to initiate extradition proceedings and it is only after the RCN is issued that the police will confirm the identity and whereabouts of the accused in their home country. Once the identity of the accused and his whereabouts is confirmed, the extradition proceedings begin. However, this process is slow and often gets embroiled in controversies.

RCN process is slow

With regard to RCN against Goldie Braad, who recently took the responsibility of Musewala's murder, Punjab Police claimed that a day after the murder, a request was sent on their behalf to issue RCN against the gangsters, but the process is still very much. is slow. Some police officers, knowing about such cases, say that the Canadian government does not cooperate when it comes to extradition proceedings. The winning example of this is the Jassi honor killing case. The Canadian administration extradited the two accused 18 years after the crime.

Canada can help

However, officials are hopeful that the situation may change now. Recently the Canadian government is also facing target killings, traumatic murders, drug trafficking and gang wars and in these incidents also the above seven terrorist-gangsters are suspected to be involved. Canada is also facing the brunt of negligence and neglect on the part of Canada in these cases. Now it is expected that the Canadian authorities will respond positively to India's persistent demand for the extradition of these terrorist gangsters.

Canada is becoming gangland

Let us tell you that the Canadian Police had arrested more than 20 Punjabi-origin drug smugglers-cum-terrorist-gangsters last year during its biggest anti-drug drive campaign and referring to the targeted murder of Ripudaman Singh Malik, the Canadian Police The role of hardline leader Hardeep Nijjar and gangster Arshdeep Dala is also being told under suspicion. The negligence of the Canadian authorities towards this organized crime hub can be gauged from how Canada is becoming a safe land for gangsters and gangland for their own people, which is a very dangerous situation Canada and Producing for the residents there. If this is not controlled soon, then Canada, which is considered to be heaven, will soon be called hell all over the world.

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