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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Weekly Numerology Horoscope: In the next 7 days, these people will suddenly gain money, read your horoscope

Weekly Numerology Horoscope in Hindi: This week will give sudden monetary gains to the natives of Radix 1 and Radix 2. On the other hand, the people of Radix number 5 can get into deep depression. Let us know from Jyotishacharya Alok Awasthi 'Vedashvapati', the founder of Maharishi Kapi Gurukul, how the next week will be for all the people of 1 to 9 radix.

Radix 1 (Mulank 1): Health will be affected this week due to excess of work. There is a possibility of making money in the middle of the week. Love relations will be strong. If you are interested in procreation, then this week is auspicious.  
Lucky Colour: Red Lucky Number: 7

Radix 2 (Mulank 2): The week will bring sudden gains. Health will be good. Try to avoid investment decisions. Interfering in the work of others can cause problems for you. You need to be careful while traveling this week.
Lucky Colour: Khaki/Brown Lucky Number: 6

Radix 3 (Mulank 3): This week there will be ideological differences in married life. There will be benefits in the workplace. You will get praise from higher officials. Will get any kind of benefit from the government. Constipation and Vata dosha can cause problems
Auspicious Colour: Cream, Lucky Number: 9

Radix 4 (Mulank 4): Confidence will increase due to financial gains. Will be busy making future plans. Before arriving at any decision this week, do your research thoroughly. The mind will be happy to meet an old relative.
Lucky Colour: Saffron, Lucky Number: 1

Radix 5 (Mulank 5): This week, luck will support you in financial matters. There is a need to pay attention to the deteriorating mood of the spouse, otherwise there is a possibility of breaking the marriage relationship or going into depression of the spouse. Be aware of father's health. Pitta dosha pain is possible.
Lucky Colour: Navy Blue Lucky Number: 3

Radix 6: This week you will get the support of luck in financial matters. You will get the benefit of your earlier efforts. Married life will be normal but some will be worried about the children. Be careful while operating any machinery or doing electrical work.
Lucky Colour: Light Violet Lucky Number: 9

Radix 7 (Mulank 7):  Luck will support you this week and paths of economic progress will be made. There are chances of getting some good news in the family. You will experience a new enthusiasm in married life. Health will remain good.
Lucky Colour: White Lucky Number: 5

Radix 8:   This week you will have to struggle more than usual in work. If you grow slowly in love affairs, you will get success. Some good news will be received from parents. There is a possibility of accident or theft from the vehicle, be careful.
Lucky Colour: Red Lucky Number: 5

Radix 9:   Your confidence will increase this week. Luck will support you and some old stalled work will also be seen being done. You can plan to go somewhere with your spouse. Problems related to abdomen and genitals will trouble you.
Lucky Colour: White Lucky Number: 2

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. Newztezz.online does not confirm the same.)

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