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Friday, May 6, 2022

Change of heart of Munawwar Rana who threatened to leave UP! This poem written in praise of CM Yogi

Munawwar Rana Poetry on Yogi Adityanath: Controversial poet Munawwar Shayar, who has often given statements against BJP and PM Narendra Modi, against UP CM Yogi Adityanath, has changed his heart? Munavwar, who threatened to leave UP if Yogi wins in the assembly elections, has now tweeted praising Yogi. However, after this tweet, people have taken a dig at him, reminding him of his old promise to leave UP. 

Shayari written by sharing the picture of CM Yogi

Poet Munavwar Rana had tweeted on Thursday by sharing the picture of CM Yogi. In this picture, CM Yogi is meeting his mother during his Uttarakhand tour and mother is blessing him by placing a hand on his head. While writing poetry on this picture, Munawwar Rana wrote, 'I wish that I can become an angel again, I can cling to my mother in such a way that I become a child.'

People trolled him fiercely on this tweet of his. A user named Jitendra Singh wrote, 'Be it fear or frustration, but in Yogi ji's Uttar Pradesh, good people are getting a change of heart.'

'I wish I could be one and a half years old'

On the other hand, Dalip Pancholi taunted Munavvar Rana in the style of poetry. Pancholi tweeted and wrote, 'I wish that I should become one and a half syana again, I will leave UP and become a Rana in the flattery of Yogi again.'

A user named Lala posted a picture of Munavvar sitting in the train and wrote, 'The train did not catch.'

'Chacha is in UP only or has he gone'

A user named Shailendra also took a jibe at the poet Munavvar Rana. Shailendra wrote, 'Uncle is being found in Uttar Pradesh or elsewhere. A lion is praying for you. They let us go for free, there is little bridle in our tongue. Say anything at any time, but whoever fulfills it, we have little faith in such a person. Chacha Shayar. 

A user named Bhuvan Amin shared a picture of Munawwar Rana with folded hands and wrote, 'Meaning I had made a mistake, I was misled by the thieves, forgive me.'

Hints of patch up were given on May 2

Controversial poet Munawwar Rana had earlier done poetry by tweeting on 2 May also. In this tweet made before Eid, Munavwar wrote, 'My salute and Eid Mubarak to all the countrymen. 
Whatever happened till today has to be forgotten,
from today it is decided that one has to pray to the enemy.
Come, my brother, once again hug me,
then you will ever think what to give, what to give.
(Maestro Wali Aasi)'

Trying to reconcile BJP and CM Yogi

After this tweet, it was believed that now his intention to leave UP has changed and he is trying to reconcile BJP-CM Yogi. By the way, let us tell you that a case has been registered against his daughters and son in the Protest against CAA and the shootout in Lucknow. In which the police is investigating. In such a situation, the Yogi love of Munavvar Rana is now being understood by the people. 

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