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Saturday, September 11, 2021

This e-bike is made from carbon fiber and bamboo, know its price

Lightspeed Mobility Private Limited is a well-known e-cycle company in Ahmedabad. 
This company has recently made eco-friendly e-cycle. This cycle is made in India under Made-in-India The entire cycle is made from bamboo and carbon fiber. According to media reports, the company says that along with the protection of nature, this electric bicycle explains its importance very easily. Apart from this, let us tell you that now, the company is launching an electric and connected bike, which is called Relief. It also has a bamboo frame.

Bamboo is a natural material and a bicycle can prove to be a great asset to all. It can, in fact, absorb five times more vibration than aluminum, providing great comfort on the road. Lightspeed Mobility Private Limited Company produces its product in the name of Bamboochi. These companies make bicycles and bike frames from bamboo and carbon fiber. For information, let us share that bamboo is stronger and lighter than steel.

Relief ebike has a tracker

The Relief eBike also comes with a tracker that locks its position in real time and can be monitored remotely. In case of theft (at the slightest movement of the bike), a notification is sent to the owner's smartphone to alert them immediately. The app also calculates remaining battery life and provides weather data when needed, such as wind speed and weather for the next few hours.

Made in France, the Cyclic Relief ebike weighs just 16.5 kg and has a range of around 70 km, which can be extended up to 120 km with a second battery. The price of the bike is around Rs 3,04,398.

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