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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Myths related to pregnancy, the truth of which every woman needs to know!

When a woman is pregnant, this happiness is not only hers, but of the whole family. 
Every member of the family wants both the mother and the child to be safe. During this, special care is taken of the food of the woman, as well as she is instructed to do some work and do nothing for a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, there is a state of doubt in the mind of the woman about all the things. Know here about some such things whose truth is important for every woman to know.

1. It is said that if a woman consumes saffron and coconut during pregnancy, then the child is born fair. But actually taking saffron in balanced quantity controls the problem of blood pressure and nervousness and calcium and other nutrients are provided by consuming coconut water or coconut. But they have nothing to do with the color of the child. A child's complexion is related to heredity. Therefore, the color of the child is according to the color of his parents or family members.

2. You must have also heard people saying that a woman should take the diet of two people during pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, the development of the fetus takes place through the diet of the woman. In such a situation, a woman should eat all those things in the diet, which are nourishing to her body and necessary for the development of the child. In fact, women only need 200-300 more calories during pregnancy. It has nothing to do with the diet of two people. So whatever you eat, eat mindfully and eat nutritious things so that all the nutrients reach the fetus.

3. Some people are so sensitive about pregnancy that they are afraid to do any kind of workout during this time. But in reality, the more active you are during pregnancy, the better your delivery will be and the healthy the baby will be. Therefore, do exercises and yoga as directed by the doctor during pregnancy. Walk for a while.

4. It is said that intercourse should not be done during pregnancy because it harms the child. But in reality, it is forbidden to have a relationship because there is a risk of infection and during this time one should especially keep oneself away from any kind of infection. But it has nothing to do with the safety of the baby, as the amniotic compress surrounds the fetus which keeps it safe. In such a situation, even if you make a relationship, then it does not have any effect on the uterus. But still it is necessary to consult an expert once in this subject.

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