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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Get these 7 tests done before marriage, you will not regret after marriage

Before Wedding Marriage Infertility Test: Sometimes even after getting the horoscope, there is a rift in the relationship. 
Now it is not necessary to match horoscopes for marriage, but it is necessary to be worthy of each other for marriage.

Tests Need To Be Before Marriage: According to Indian tradition, the horoscope of boy and girl is mixed for marriage and it is seen that how many qualities of boy and girl are getting. If the horoscope is not found, even the solid relationship breaks up. At the same time, it is seen that even after getting the horoscope of most of the people, there is a rift in the relationship. Now it is not necessary to match horoscopes for marriage, but for marriage it is necessary to be fit for each other and it is necessary to be physically fit so that there is no problem of any kind after marriage. 

If the young woman knows everything about each other before marriage, then it becomes very easy to handle the situation later and if both have the courage to accept each other with their shortcomings, then such a relationship becomes very strong. Therefore, the bride and groom should not hesitate to get this medical test done before marriage. Let us know what are these medical tests and why is it important to do. 

HIV test

If any one of the young man or girl has HIV infection, then the life of the other is completely ruined. That is why it is very important to get this test done before marriage. In this is your alertness and intelligence.

age test

Sometimes it is too late to get married and if you are a woman and your age is more, then definitely get your ovaries checked. Due to age, the production of eggs in girls decreases and there may be trouble in having children. This will reveal your ability to become a mother. Therefore, if you are getting married at an old age, then definitely get the test done. 

infertility test

What is the status of sperm in men, what is the sperm count. To know about the things related to this, it is necessary to undergo an infertility test. Since the body does not show any specific symptoms related to infertility. Therefore, it is necessary to get tested so that in future there is no problem in planning family and conceiving. If you come to know about this in advance, then you will be able to get the right treatment. 

genetic test

Before marriage, both the partners must undergo a genetic test. By getting this test done, it will be known that your future partner does not have any genetic disease. If any disease is detected in the test, then it can be treated in time. 

blood group compatibility test

If the blood group of both the husband and wife is not compatible with each other, then problems can arise during pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important for both the partners to have the same Rh factor. In such a situation, before marriage, do a compatibility test of blood group. 

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