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Monday, September 13, 2021

Drink cinnamon tea for weight loss, it is very beneficial for health

Cinnamon is rich in anti-oxidants which helps in improving metabolism. Weight loss can be done easily due to better metabolic rate. Let us know about its benefits.

Everyone wants to lose weight without hard work. If we say that you can reduce belly fat even while sleeping. This may sound like a hoax. But this is actually true. Cinnamon is an old spice that can be used to reduce weight easily by drinking it in tea. Not only this, it also removes fatigue and causes good sleep. Let us know how beneficial drinking cinnamon tea is for health and how it can help in weight loss.

benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is such a spice that along with adding aroma to your food, it also enhances the taste. You can use it to make curries, soups, shakes, smoothies. Cinnamon has Ayurvedic properties, so it helps in keeping diseases away. It is also used in Ayurveda. Cinnamon works to maintain the level of insulin naturally. It also helps in maintaining the sugar level. These aromatic spices help in improving metabolism which helps in weight loss. Let us know about the benefits of cinnamon.

according to the study

According to experts, a pinch of cinnamon is beneficial for your heart. By mixing it in water, salad, soup, you can stay away from diseases. This spice is rich in anti-oxidants which helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

How to Make Cinnamon Tea

To make cinnamon tea, put 2 cups of water and half an inch of cinnamon and half an inch of ginger in a vessel. When the aroma of spices starts coming, then add half a teaspoon of green tea. Strain the tea and keep it in a cup and mix a spoonful of honey and lemon juice on top.

Apart from this, if you want, mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in two and a half cups of water. Strain the tea and mix lemon juice and honey. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to relax the nerves and induce sleep.

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