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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Do you have fever too? So this is how to identify your fever is dengue or normal viral

Dengue And Normal Fever Difference: Due to fever in this season, people do not understand whether they have dengue fever or normal fever. So know what is the difference between the two...

The weather is changing, it is still raining in many cities. The risk of dengue has also increased due to this changing season. In many states including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, dengue patients are coming out rapidly and many patients have also died. Many necessary steps are being taken by the government. Everyone knows about dengue that it is caused by mosquito bites and are also trying to avoid it. But, often people are not able to differentiate between dengue and normal fever and the condition becomes uncontrollable.

Many times after dengue, it is considered as a normal fever and people do not get it treated, due to which the problem increases. In such a situation, today we are telling you how dengue fever and normal fever can be differentiated. Knowing about this, you will understand whether you have dengue fever or not. After that you will be able to get treatment accordingly. Let us know what is the difference between the two fevers.

How does dengue happen?

Let us tell you that the mosquito that bites causes dengue, the name of that mosquito is Maja Aedes mosquito. If we talk about the appearance of this mosquito, then it is also different from the normal mosquito in appearance and it has cheetah-like stripes on its body. White colored stripes are made on the feet of this mosquito. It is believed that these mosquitoes often bite in the light and they are more likely to bite in the morning. Even if the light is high at night, these mosquitoes can bite. It has been revealed in many reports that the Aedes aegypti mosquito cannot fly very high and reaches only below the knee of a human.

When to know if you have dengue fever or not?

The symptoms of dengue fever begin to appear after a day or two after a dengue mosquito bite. In dengue, the eyes become red with fever and there is a decrease in blood. Some people faint due to dizziness. Senior Citizen Specialist Dr Rishav Bansal told TV-9, 'It is considered one of the most important symptoms to differentiate dengue fever and normal fever and that is cold. When there is fever due to dengue, there is body pain along with fever. At the same time, in common viral or fever, there is also a cold etc. with fever.

In such a situation, Dr Rishav Bansal says, 'If someone has body pain with fever in this season and does not have a cold, then they should contact the doctor as soon as possible. Also, platelets etc. should be checked. Those who are working with home medicine for a day or two due to fever, then do not do this and contact the doctor as soon as fever occurs. If fever is accompanied by cold, then home treatment can be taken for a day or two, but in this case a doctor should be contacted as soon as possible.

Ignoring both the fevers is wrong

If care is taken even in simple fever, then it gets on the brain and can become fatal. At the same time, in dengue fever, platelets start decreasing rapidly from the blood with fever in the body. The danger from this is many times higher than normal fever. In dengue, the immune system becomes very weak and the patient becomes very weak. In such a situation, when the platelets are low in dengue fever, more is given so that it does not decrease.

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