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Friday, September 3, 2021

Another hidden risk of covid-19 exposed, kidney problems persist

Research shows that kidney function is clearly affected in patients with Long Covid. 
Researchers have emphasized the importance of kidney care in the event of long covid.

Covid-19 sufferers face various symptoms for several weeks or months after recovering from the disease. The definition of long covid has been coined for people who experience symptoms several weeks or even months after illness. To know more and more about this, experts are engaged in doing research and now it has been revealed that kidney function is clearly affected in the patients of Long Covid.

Covid-19 not only affects the lungs but also affects the kidneys. Doctors have found that patients severely affected by Covid-19 have often complained of kidney problems. Now a large-scale research suggests that kidney problems can last up to six months after patients recover from the initial infection, and in some patients, there may be a lifelong loss of kidney function.

Risk of kidney disease after beating covid

Research published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology on Wednesday found that patients who were initially sick with Covid were more likely to have long-term kidney damage. However, people with less severity of the initial infection may also be susceptible. "What was particularly shocking to me was that it remained intact," says Dr F Perry Wilson, a kidney specialist who was not involved in the research.

An important function of the kidney in the body, it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and balance electrolytes by removing fluid and toxins from the blood. When the kidneys do not function properly or effectively, fluid accumulates, causing swelling, high blood pressure, weak bones and other problems.

An important aspect of kidney disease long covid

Heart, lungs, central nervous system and immune system may deteriorate. In the late stages of kidney disease, dialysis or an organ transplant may be necessary. This situation can be dangerous. The research included data from 89,216 corona positive people between March 1, 2020 and March 15, 2021. Researchers say that those who recovered from Covid within 1 to six months of infection were about 35 percent more likely to have kidney damage or markedly decreased kidney function than healthy people. Dr Ziad Al Alai, assistant professor and nephrologist, said, "People who recover after the first 30 days of Covid-19 are at risk of kidney disease." Researchers say that people with moderate severity have a 15 percent increased risk of kidney disease, while the risk of kidney injury increases by 30 percent compared to people protected from Covid. Kidney disease is an important aspect of long covid and should be kept in mind while taking care of people suffering from long covid-19.

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