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Monday, September 13, 2021

5 places you should never forget when applying sunscreen on your skin

We know the importance of sunscreen, especially during summers or in tropical countries like India, throughout the year. 
It protects us from harmful UV rays, sunburns and other possible damages to our skin.

But even if you don't get a sunburn (which is very unlikely), you shouldn't skip SPF. It also reduces the risk of skin cancer and prevents premature ageing.

So it's basically obvious that you should apply sunscreen regardless of the weather, but wait, are you just applying it to your face? Yes? So let us tell you that if you are avoiding these areas then you are at risk of getting skin cancer.

We will tell you about those places where protection is needed just like the face. People ignore them but they also need care and attention. Also, you should always use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. Scroll down to find out which places you're missing.


Lips are the most delicate part of our face and like the rest of our body are more sensitive to the radiation of the sun. People tend to forget their lips and skin cancer can easily occur in these areas. So either use lip balm with SPF or apply sunscreen on your face, it will do the same thing.


Our eyelids also need sunblock as they are susceptible to aging, fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention skin cancer. Though many people avoid this area for fear of getting stuff in the eyes but with the right application and the right sunblock you are good to go. Another tip, don't forget to leave your sunscreen at home.


Like you, I too often forgot my ears. But once I realized the dangers I was putting myself in, I started covering them too. Because our ears are also open and are at risk, so we should think twice before avoiding them. Take your time and apply sunscreen properly on all the nooks and crannies and behind the ears too.

hands and feet

The tops of our hands and feet always come out only when we are not wearing gloves or sneakers. They also come in contact with sunlight. Or if you are walking on the beach then you should also apply sunblock on the soles of your feet.

Long-term exposure can lead to wrinkles and spots on our skin. Skin cancer can also develop here. If you are going to be outside all day, then rub your fingers and soles thoroughly.


The neck is a very important area to cover and at the same time it is always visible. It is prone to sagging but we should keep it young. And not only in the front but also on the back of your neck.

And while you're at it, show a little love to your chest. Because you're going out in the sun and you're going to need an armour. With the right kind of sunblock, you don't have to worry.

Do not forget to cover your scalp with a cap or dupatta as the sun can damage your scalp and hair.

Do you forget to put on these parts as well? Do let us know in the comments.

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