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Monday, September 13, 2021

Your luck will shine with this 1 rupee coin, you will get 9 lakh rupees sitting at home, know what is the offer

It is said that the value of money never ends, no matter how old it becomes. 
Coins or notes lying with us will become more valuable than their value, hardly we can ever think about it. But now this is happening. The demand for old coins is increasing. Because of this, its prices are also skyrocketing. One can earn lakhs of rupees from one rupee coin. Yes, nowadays people are becoming millionaires with old coins. There is such a coin, which if you have it, you can become a millionaire without any hassle.

You can earn 9 lakh rupees from one rupee coin. But this coin should be of the year 1918. Before India's independence, the value of one rupee British coin of 1918 with the picture of George V has reached 9 lakh rupees.

There is a lot of demand for old coins nowadays.

This one rupee coin is being sold on e-commerce site Quikr ( However, there is no fixed price for it. Sellers and buyers can buy and sell at their own bargaining rates. But its price has reached 9 lakh rupees. There is a lot of demand for these coins. Because of this, buyers are ready to buy it on Quickr. If there is one rupee coin of 1918, then one can become a millionaire sitting at home.

Many more coins are being sold

Often we get to see that old things become rare. In this case their price increases. The same is being seen with coins nowadays. Their price in the international market has become very high. Therefore, from 25 paise coins to 2 rupees and old notes are also being sold at expensive prices.

how to sell your coins

If you have such rare coins around you, then you can easily sell it on the online website. For this you have to register there. After this, click on the coin photo from both sides and upload their picture. Buyers will contact you themselves and you can sell the coins at a higher price with mutual consent.

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