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Thursday, August 5, 2021

You also get skin allergy from makeup, remove it by adopting these tips

Many women start having problems like pimples and rashes in the skin after applying makeup. 
To avoid this, you can follow the given tips.

Tips to Prevent Makeup Allergy: Many times we get skin allergies due to makeup. Due to allergies, there are spots on the skin and the skin becomes red. It spoils the beauty of the face. We are going to tell you some such tips by adopting which you can easily avoid skin allergies caused by makeup. Let's know about those tips-

Know your skin type
Whenever you buy makeup products, take special care that the product should suit your skin type. Many times we bring any makeup product home without thinking and later on due to this we have to face problems like skin allergies. So first of all know your skin type properly and buy a product only later.

Use mineral based products
Let us tell you that mineral based makeup products are quite light weight. It does not allow the pores present in the skin to get clogged. This is the reason that using them does not cause any kind of skin problem like rashes and pimples. It also provides essential minerals to the skin.

Avoid the use of foundation
If your skin is sensitive, then take special care that you should avoid using foundation as much as possible. Foundation clogs the skin pores, which increases the chances of skin allergies. If you also want to apply foundation, then apply it only in the night time. Foundation is more harmful in the sun.

Use skin toner Skin toner is used
to clean the skin and shrink its large pores. It makes the face smooth and clean, which reduces the chances of skin allergies.

patch test of a makeup product Before applying any new product on the face, do a patch test of it. First of all, take the product whose effect you want to know on your skin. Now apply it on the lower part of the neck and leave it for 30 minutes. If any kind of reaction is happening, do not use that product.


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