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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

World Breastfeeding Week 2021: Breast will not loose while breastfeeding, follow these tips to keep breast tight

Home remedies to keep breasts tight

World BreastFeeding Week 2021: Mother's milk is an important food for the baby. This gives him plenty of nutrition. However, often some women get stressed that their breasts will become loose due to feeding. But, if you think so, you are wrong. Feeding your baby with milk is not only beneficial for his health, but it is healthy for your own health. It neither spoils the figure nor does it make any difference in the size of the breast. If you feel that your breasts have become loose due to breastfeeding, then there is no need to worry. Actually, breasts are heavy in size, So there are chances of them loosening up (reasons for saggy breast). You can keep the breasts from loosening or hanging even after breastfeeding by adopting some things (how to prevent breasts sagging after breastfeeding). If you want your breasts to remain in shape even after breastfeeding, then follow these tips.

Choose the right bra

If you breastfeed your baby, wear the right quality, right size bra to provide proper breast support. Milk continues to build up in the breast and if you do not feed the baby at the right time, the breasts will start to droop. It is better that you wear the right size bra to support the breast. 

Eat less fat and calories

If you consume too many calories and things rich in fat, then the fat in the breasts will increase, which can increase its size. Fat can reduce the tightness of the skin. Include ghee, fat, low in calories in your diet. Consume more olive oil. 

don't be in a hurry to lose weight

After giving birth to a baby, women often start trying to reduce their weight. Try to reduce the weight gradually. If you do dieting by leaving food, then milk will not be produced properly and the skin tone will also start decreasing. This can make the breasts appear loose and droopy.

Stop breastfeed only when the time is right

The baby must be fed breast milk for 1 year. If you make enough milk, don't stop feeding your baby. Gradually wean the baby into weaning. Stopping breastfeed suddenly causes the breasts to become loose. There will also be no complete development of the child.

take a hot bath 

You also change the way you take a bath for a few days. Taking a bath with lukewarm water brings tightness in the breast. Breasts do not hang. Taking a bath with lukewarm water also keeps the blood circulation right. The hygiene of the breasts is maintained.

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