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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Why does miscarriage happen, understand these 5 big reasons and take care!

The state of miscarriage is mentally disturbing. This affects not only the woman, but also her husband. Know here 5 big reasons that cause miscarriage.

When a woman is pregnant, this happiness is associated with the whole family. Especially the parents of the child get emotionally attached to their child even before birth. Whatever the woman feels during pregnancy, she also tells her husband about it. In such a situation, both of them together live this beautiful moment and eagerly wait for the arrival of their child.

But if something untoward happens in the meantime and the woman gets a miscarriage, then this situation is mentally shaken. This affects not only the woman, but also her husband. According to experts, the exact reason for the miscarriage cannot be told, but during certain medical conditions, the woman needs to be alert. These medical conditions can lead to miscarriage.

Thyroid: Thyroid is a very common problem nowadays. Women are affected the most by this problem. Generally, women consider this problem to be normal, but you need to be very cautious if you have thyroid during pregnancy because it is a hormone related problem. In pregnancy with thyroid, it is very important for you to be under the supervision of the doctor as it sometimes becomes the reason for miscarriage.

Diabetes: Many women develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. In such a situation, women should keep getting themselves examined by a specialist from time to time. Diabetes can sometimes lead to miscarriage in the initial months. Apart from this, there is a risk of developing disorders in the child due to diabetes.

Chromosomal abnormality: During fertilization, both the sperm and the egg assemble 23 chromosomes to form a perfect match. This is a complex process. Even a slight error in it can cause chromosomal abnormalities and this can also lead to miscarriage.

Hormonal imbalance: If a woman already has a hormonal problem, or her body does not make enough progesterone hormone, which is needed to support the lining of the uterus, then the chances of miscarriage increase. If this problem is understood in time, then the condition can be controlled with medicines.

Fibroids : Uterine fibroids, uterine defects or auto immune disorders also sometimes become the reason for miscarriage. In case of any such medical condition, you should be very careful, as well as follow the instructions of the specialist completely so that the problem like miscarriage can be avoided.


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