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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What Is Aggressive Or Rough Sex? Is aggression in sex justified between a couple? Know Research Reports! And what do the experts say?

Every couple believes in lovemaking according to their freedom and choice, and enjoys sex accordingly. 
In the meantime, both try to ensure that their partner does not suffer any kind of physical pain. On the contrary, some people like to have sex aggressively. Some people also call it rough or aggressive sex. Although some people do not consider it appropriate, but recent research has found that even today 70 percent of couples enjoy rough sex. Let's know what is aggressive, rough or aggressive sex. 

What is rough sex or aggressive sex?

Any type of sex by couples in a closed room that exhibits physical aggression is called rough, aggressive or aggressive sex. In this process, from tying the partner to slapping. Having sex while slapping a bomb or torturing it in any other way is called aggressive sex. This process without any pressure and mutual consent gives equal sexual pleasure to both. According to the research report, the label of aggressive or rough sex is different in men and women. It is not necessary that physical pain during sex is called rough sex. Sexual talking on the phone or having sex while watching porn is also considered aggressive sex.

Sex is a pleasurable physiological process, so a couple can enjoy sex whenever and in whatever action they want in a closed room with mutual consent. There is no objection or opposition to anyone in this. Experts are also of the same opinion that there should not be any embarrassment even among couples in having sex in a voluntary way. However, one thing must be kept in mind here that the consent of both is very important in rough sex or aggressive sex action. Because mutual consent gives full enjoyment of sex. Otherwise, one sided aggressive sex will be classified as rape.

make a code word by mutual consent

Aggressive sex means not only the screams of the partner like 'ah' or 'ooh', but the freedom to do anything for the climax of sex. Provided that whatever way you want to have sex with the partner, it is necessary to tell it in advance and take it in confidence. Ask her what things she wants to explore. While having aggressive sex, you should keep asking your partner how deeply she wants to enjoy. If there is hesitation in saying something in open words, then make a code word. For example, say white for slow sex, yellow for the middle and red when you reach the peak. In the event of unbearable pain, a break from the sex process can be taken by saying no.

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