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Thursday, August 19, 2021

This acid formed in the stomach can also dissolve iron, know how you stay safe even then

Belly is a small part visible on your body but without this part your life is incomplete. 
In this part of you that acid is formed which is very important for the digestion of your food. Have you ever wondered what happens after you eat food? Let us tell you which is the acid that is made in your body and why it is important for your stomach.

Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach

Dangerous hydrochloric acid builds up in your stomach. Whenever you eat food, due to this acid, the food gets digested and your body gets nutrients. With the help of hydrochloric acid, it is used in making firecrackers, rubber, steel as well as fertilizers used in the fields. It is the liquid form of hydrogen chloride. If you try to inhale it with the breath through the nose, then it proves to be very dangerous for you. But because of this acid, your entire stomach ie digestive system functions.

Why is acid important for stomach

Hydrochloric acid is very important for the digestion of your food. Whenever you eat food, it mixes further through the food pipe, breaks down and then reaches the small intestine in small pieces. Your digestive system works entirely on muscles. The stomach is a large pouch-like section where the digestive tract is located. It is located in the upper part of your stomach on the left side and its shape is like a big comma. There are three glands on the wall of the stomach, with the help of which acidic juice is produced. As you eat, your food turns into bolus.

what happens after eating food

Hydrochloric acid is very important in the stomach. As soon as you eat something, your stomach starts producing gastric juice necessary for digestion. These gastric juices are very important for the absorption of nutrients. Every day 3 to 4 liters of gastric juice is produced in your stomach. Stomach acid is very strong and it can also damage the stomach. The abdominal wall is covered with a protective layer. This wall is protected by a layer of epithelial cells. With this layer it is ensured that the hydrochloric acid does not harm your stomach.

Acid fulfills four major tasks

Hydrochloric acid and the rest of the acid produced in the stomach are used to accomplish four major tasks. These acids break down proteins, called proteolytics, to form pepsin, which helps break down proteins and kills food bacteria. Along with this, because of these acids send a chemical signal that causes your food to go to the small intestine.

If the acid disappears

If the acid disappears from your stomach, then whatever you eat, it will remain in your stomach as it is. The food will remain there and will rot due to bacteria. This can give you an infection. Also, your body will not get nutrients. Apart from this, you can also be a victim of dumping syndrome in which your food will come out whole. This syndrome is a symptom of a lack of acid in the stomach. Lack of nutrients can make you a victim of many problems. Stomach acid does not disappear like this. Age, stress and overeating can cause your stomach acid to disappear. In America, 22 percent of the population suffers from the complaint of missing stomach acid.

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