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Friday, August 20, 2021

People of these 6 zodiac signs should not wear diamond, they get inauspicious results

Nowadays it is a trend to wear more diamonds than gold. 
Diamond is also your status symbol and its jewelery also looks very attractive to see. According to astrology, diamond is the gem of the planet Venus. With Venus being strong, life passes through luxury. But astrologers believe that not everyone should wear a diamond because it is not auspicious for every person. If you wear a diamond without any consultation, then you can get its inauspicious results. According to astrology, these 5 zodiac signs should not wear diamonds in these situations without astrological consultation.

Aries: If you belong to Aries sign and your Venus is the lord of second or seventh house then you should not wear diamond. In such a situation, this gem can create a lot of problems for you.

Cancer: People of Cancer zodiac should not wear diamond in general. But if the Mahadasha of Venus is running on you, then diamond can prove to be beneficial for you. Therefore, wear it only after consulting an astrologer.

Leo: Venus is not considered auspicious for the people of this zodiac, so they should not wear diamonds. They should never wear a diamond without consultation, otherwise inauspicious results are obtained.

Scorpio: The lord of the ascendant of this zodiac is Mars and there is enmity between Mars and Venus. Therefore, for these people also, diamond gives inauspicious results. If they wear this diamond, then many problems can come in their life.

Sagittarius: If the people of this zodiac wear diamond, then many types of health problems come to the fore in their life. That's why they should not wear diamonds.

Pisces: The planet Venus is the lord of the third and eighth house in Pisces. Apart from this, the lord of the ascendant of Pisces is Jupiter who is the God Guru, while Venus is the demon Guru. There is enmity between them. Therefore, if the people of Pisces zodiac wear diamond, then inauspicious results are obtained and all the problems have to be faced.

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