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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

These 9 signs tell you that your partner is cheating on you

It is said that a relationship remains strong only when there is truth and trust in it. 
It has been seen that many relationships break apart due to lack of trust. A true man blindly trusts any man. When the same man is deceiving that real man, then that true man does not know. When we find out, it is too late. That man is no longer able to trust anyone.

Everyone is mean in today's world. Whether it is husband-wife or lover-girlfriend, everyone is living for their own meaning. And that's what causes cheating in a relationship one day. If you want to avoid cheating, then you have to understand some signs of the partner. After understanding these signs, you can find out that your partner is lying to you.

1- Hide the phone

If the partner keeps his phone hidden from you, he is afraid that you may not check his phone, then this fear is a sign that he is hiding something from you. Some khichdi is cooking in his mind. Hiding anything from the partner means that he is lying to his partner and is cheating on him. When you get this signal, you should be alert immediately.

2- stay out of the house

If your partner repeatedly talks about going out of the city or out of the house on the pretext of work, then at that time it should be understood that something is going wrong. Going on business trips frequently can also be a sign of deception. If your partner suddenly joins the gym and starts building his body, gets his hair colored, starts to adorn himself more, then it should be understood that his affair is going on or is going on with someone.

3- Partner keeping you away from your friends and family

If your partner does not introduce you to his family members even after you repeatedly say, then it should be understood that he wants to hide the relationship with you the most. He will end it by staying in this relationship without informing anyone. Avoid this deception.

4- Don't regret your deception

If you have caught your partner lying or cheating on you and your partner is not repenting even after this, then it means that he does not realize his mistake. He may cheat on you again later. That's why you should think about such a relationship in advance.

5- Do not give importance to spending time with you

If there is love in any relationship, then both the partners like to spend time together. If your partner is not spending time and he does not feel sorry for it, then it is a matter of worry because he does not care about your feelings. He may cheat on you later without thinking. Be wary when it's a sign that he doesn't give much importance to spending time with you.

6- Being indifferent to you

If your partner doesn't care about you - what happened to you, how you are, whether you are comfortable with him or not. If the partner does not think about all these things, then it should be understood that he is not worried about you. He may cheat on you later. Inattention in a relationship is the biggest sign of deceit.

7- Spending time in the office by pretending to work

If your partner comes late from home on the pretext of office work or stays in the office. If this process happens again and again, then it should be understood that your partner is blowing bouquets with someone else. Being late from office means he is hiding something from you.

8- Do not share social media accounts with you

If your partner hides the password of Facebook, Instagram or other social media account from you on the basis of privacy, then it should be understood that he is hiding something from you. He may cheat on you later on.

9- Hiding papers related to the bank from you

If your partner does not share information like credit, mobile banking and passbook with you, then you should understand that he/she does not trust you. Some partners initially share everything but later on they hide. This sign suggests that your partner may be cheating on you.

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