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Saturday, August 14, 2021

These 5 early symptoms of liver cirrhosis people should never ignore, can lead to death of the person

Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis in English: Liver is the most important part of the body. 
The job of the liver is to clean the blood. Making bile Helping to digest and absorb fat. Helps to remove toxins from the body. Energy and protein are obtained through the liver for the body's organs to function. Blood clots are formed through this protein. The liver makes enzymes that help digest food, stores sugar, and helps fight infections. When your liver is damaged, many body functions can be disrupted at once. There can be many liver diseases. Liver cirrhosis is a disease that occurs in the liver. It is a type of fibrosis occurring in the liver, which is associated with many types of liver problems such as hepatitis, May be caused by chronic alcoholism. In liver cirrhosis, the injured tissue gradually replaces healthy liver tissue, making the liver less effective. Liver cirrhosis is a dangerous disease, which if not diagnosed and treated in time, can lead to death of the person.

Causes of liver cirrhosis

Experts say that most cases of liver cirrhosis are caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Sometimes it is also due to unhealthy eating habits. It can also be caused by Hepatitis B, C, as it is a contagious disease. When liver cirrhosis becomes severe, its treatment is possible only through liver transplant.

Who is at risk of liver cirrhosis

Having any disease or problem related to the liver increases the chances of getting cirrhosis. If liver problems are not treated, it will get worse and worse and at a time take the form of liver cirrhosis.

  • Frequent drinkers of alcohol are at risk of liver cirrhosis
  • viral hepatitis
  • diabetes not under control
  • obesity
  • injecting medicine or needles from a used injection
  • liver disease disease
  • having unprotected sex

Liver cirrhosis early signs (Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis in English)

  • bleeding or scarring
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes or jaundice
  • swelling of the feet, ankles, or soles
  • Abdominal fluid accumulation
  • weight loss

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