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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

These 2 thing should not be taken by mistake in breakfast, it will cause great damage to health

Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. 
But it always comes to mind what to eat for breakfast and what not, which will give you energy as well as keep you healthy. So let us tell you what you should eat for breakfast according to Ayurveda and what not?

Do not eat paratha and bread for breakfast

Paratha and bread is a snack that is eaten in most homes in the morning. It is tasty to eat, although it also harms your health. Being oily, consuming paratha in the morning is not considered good for health. When bread has too many carbohydrates. So it doesn’t count in digestive food. Its intake in the morning increases the problem of gas in the stomach. So one should avoid eating bread or paratha in the morning.

Don't forget to eat bananas for breakfast

Experts consider banana to be a super food and a person does not feel hungry for a long time after eating it. Along with this banana also relieves constipation, but consuming it early in the morning can be harmful. Bananas are high in magnesium and potassium but if eaten on an empty stomach, the potassium and magnesium in the blood become unbalanced.

Do not eat yogurt in the morning

Eating yogurt every day is very good for health, but eating yogurt on an empty stomach has very few benefits. The benefits of lactic acid found in yogurt are effective due to the acidity and the benefits are not found.

Avoid eating tomatoes for breakfast

Tomatoes have many types of nutrients, but eating them on an empty stomach for breakfast can be harmful. The tannic acid present in tomatoes increases stomach acidity and can lead to gastric ulcers. You can eat tomatoes as a salad at lunch or dinner.

Pickles, sauces, lemons are also harmful

Sour fruits like pickles, sauces, lemons, oranges and other sour things should not be consumed in the morning. All of these things contain acids, which can cause heartburn.

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