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Friday, August 6, 2021

The World's Most Expensive Condom Made From Sheep Gut! Knowing the price will blow your senses

Condoms are still considered the safest among contraceptive means. 
It is used all over the world. Today condoms are easily available from paan-grocery shops to every medical clinic. Since they are not very expensive, so people belonging to the general category also get it easily. But do you know that initially condoms were used only by the wealthy class. Imagine what a condom would have cost 200 years ago today? If you do not know, then we tell that in those days the cost of a condom was £460 (Rs 44 thousand). If you call this news baseless, then let's know what is the truth?

A few days ago, according to the information published in some English newspapers, a box was received in a small town in Spain. When this box was opened, a condom was found from it, whose size was said to be 19 cm. After research, it was found that this condom was about 200 years old. When the auction of this condom was announced in Catawiki, a large number of people gathered. As a result, the condom received was sold for more than twice its estimated price. This historic condom has been bought by a man from Amsterdam. This condom, which was auctioned online, is believed to be very rare. Such rare condoms can now be seen only in selected museums. Let us tell you that this condom, 19 cm long, is being said to be the most expensive condom in the world so far.

It is worth mentioning that about 200 years ago, due to being very expensive and taking more time to make it (due to lack of technical facilities), the cost of condoms was so high that it could be used only by the upper section of the society. . In those days, the length of condoms was usually 15 cm long. After the cheap rubber condoms were made in the 19th century, these condoms made from sheep intestines gradually went out of fashion.

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