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Thursday, August 26, 2021

The milk of the mother who has been vaccinated to fight the corona virus is the 'protective shield' of the baby

COVID19 Pandemic: Protecting young children from corona has been a challenging task in front of doctors and scientists around the world, but now a research has claimed that the milk of a vaccinated mother can protect the baby.

corona Virus: To avoid the corona epidemic, many countries are trying to vaccinate their citizens more, while many countries have also allowed vaccination to children from 12 to 17 years, but for children who drink breast milk. There is no provision for a 'protective shield' of the vaccine. In such a situation, it was like a challenge in front of doctors and scientists all over the world that what should be done to save small children from corona? Let us tell you that till a few months ago, even pregnant and lactating women were not allowed to get the vaccine, but then they were also allowed to get the vaccine.

In a recent research , it has been claimed that women who breastfeed and have taken the vaccine, then their milk also makes antibodies against corona. This research has been published in the journal 'Breastfeeding Medicine'. Along with this, it has been advised that mothers who have taken the vaccine can give antibodies to their child.

Antibodies against viruses present in breast milk

Researchers have come to know that when babies are born, their immunity is in the process of developing. According to Joseph Larkin, assistant professor at the University of Florida, in this research, it has been said that 'we have found that vaccination produces antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in breast milk.'

The researchers noted that when babies are born, their immune systems are underdeveloped, making it difficult for them to fight off infections on their own. They are often too small to respond adequately to certain types of vaccines, he said. "During this vulnerable period, lactating mothers are allowed to provide 'antibodies' to the babies," the researchers say.

Mother's milk is essential for immunity

Joseph Nu, a co-author of this study, said that they find it difficult to fight any kind of infection. Breast milk gives great immunity to children at this crucial time of development. Joseph said that 'breast milk is like a toolbox that helps the newborn to make different tools necessary for life. After taking the vaccine, another important tool is added to this toolbox. Which is very important to protect against covid-19. '

In this research conducted between December 2020 and March 2021, researchers included 21 lactating health workers who had never been infected with corona. According to research, their breast milk and blood samples were tested three times before giving the vaccine.

Research states that after giving women the first and second doses of the corona vaccine, it was found that antibodies developed in their blood and even breast milk and these antibodies were many times more than the samples taken before the vaccine. Apart from this, it has also been claimed in the research that the level of antibodies was also higher in the milk of such mothers who had taken the vaccine, who had been infected with corona and had been cured.

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