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Friday, August 20, 2021

Side Effects of medicine of rare disease, black hair grew all over the body of innocent

A Texas baby was born with the rare condition congenital hyperinsulinism. At the age of one month, she was given medication to treat the symptoms, which affect only one in 50,000 babies.

In the United States, a four-year-old boy has been nicknamed 'Baby Gorilla' by his parents. Due to a rare genetic condition, the child's black body has increased long hair on the chest, back, arms, legs and even face and all this happened as a result of the medicine needed to treat the deadly disease.

Parents name baby 'Baby Gorilla'

At the age of just one month, she was diagnosed with congenital hyperinsulinism, a condition that causes the pancreas to produce extremely high levels of insulin and dangerously lower the victim's blood sugar levels. This condition affects one in every 50,000 children.

Her parents, residents of Texas, started getting treatment to control the symptoms. The Daily Mail reported that the child's health improved two weeks after beginning life-saving treatment, but an unexpected side-effect covered him in long black body hair. Recently, a police officer has shared some pictures of the child on Tiktok. However, the rare situation made the child a target of online trolling.

In rare cases, black hair grows all over the body

The mother has revealed that the child needs to be given Diazoxide medicine to fight the disease. As a negative result of the drug, thick black hair started growing on his body. Gradually hair grew all over the body. Hair can be seen on the face, arms, and legs of the baby. Instead of seeing the rare condition of the child, people started trolling the mother because of the black hair on the body of the innocent.

Some non-sensitive users commented that the mother should take the child for the vaccine or get his hormone level checked. Responding to the troll, the police officer told that the hair on his child's body is due to medicine. Neither her child needs the vaccine nor the hormone level check. Responding to this, the mother said, "I don't care what people say, I am happy with my baby." 

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