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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Over Eating Not Only Obesity, Memory Can Also Be Weak

Stop Overeating: Many times people eat more food due to taste. If you have made a habit of overeating, then it increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart and many other diseases.

How To Control Over Eating: Many times people eat more in taste. Some people have no idea how much they should be eating. In such a situation, over eating can cause you many problems. Sometimes there is no problem in eating more of something you like, but if you have made a habit of eating more then you may have problems. Overeating has many effects on your health. Eating too much can lead not only to obesity but also to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart-related problems. According to a research, the amount of fat in the body of people who overeating becomes more. In such a situation, you may face many problems related to health. 

Obesity increases- Digestive system of people who eat more becomes weak. In such a situation, food remains in the stomach for a long time and fat starts accumulating in the body. Many a times, excessive intake of nutrients included in the diet also leads to weight gain. Therefore, one should always avoid overeating.

Memory is affected - Experts believe that consuming more calories affects the memory. Overeating also weakens the functioning of the brain. Eating too much affects the production of the hormone uroguanylin. This hormone works to send signals to our brain.

Problems of sleeplessness- Many times , due to overeating, there is a lot of sluggishness in the body, but there is no sleep. Overeating makes the body and stomach uncomfortable. Which disturbs sleep. Many people have trouble sleeping after overeating.

Risk of diabetes- Overeating leads to weight gain, which increases the chances of developing diabetes. People who have a habit of overeating for a long time, their blood cells are not able to convert glucose into energy. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to control the sugar level. 

Risk of heart diseases- Experts believe that overeating releases stress hormones, which can lead to increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. People who are suffering from heart problems should avoid the habit of overeating. In such people, the risk of heart attack increases up to 4 times by eating more.

how to avoid overeating 

1- If you have a habit of overeating, then you should focus on eating.

2- Many people watch mobile or TV while eating, which is wrong, some people eat more food in this affair.

3- Pay attention to your food, it will know what and in how much quantity you are eating.

4- Food should always be eaten slowly and chewed in small pieces.

5- Include more fiber-rich things in the food. This keeps the stomach full for a long time.

6- Keep the amount of protein in the diet right, it does not cause hunger quickly. 

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