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Sunday, August 29, 2021

OMG! Woman earned 18 lakh rupees by selling fart, know how this happened

Well, there are many ways to earn money. 
Like many people work hard to earn it, while many people are like this. Those who earn a lot of money in shortcut way. Many also do some strange things for this. Lash botanist has also been added to this list these days because this woman is earning lakhs of rupees by hitting online farts.

Today the world knows her as Fart Queen. In a documentary on the British television network Channel 4, Lush explained how she got into the business. Lush told during her interview that it all started when a person contacted her and asked her to make a fart video, but she was not ready to fart in front of the camera, but still tried. The video got a positive reaction from that person and then there was a demand from many other people for the fart video, after which she got into this business.

The woman, who called herself the 'farting queen', adjusted her diet and started eating according to the fart. She eats a wide variety of cheeses for 'good quality' farts. Lush also said that he needs to eat many dairy items including paneer.

This is the reason why she can charge $175 for a fart video. Sulphury) and mozzarella cheese gives it a 'bubbly' sound.

Lush also revealed that she has earned around Rs 2,95,000 in a day which is her highest daily earning till date. So far, the woman has earned more than Rs 18,43,827. Lush is active on almost all social media and often keeps posting her videos.

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