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Friday, August 6, 2021

More or less sleep than necessary can prove to be dangerous for you, know from experts about Sleep Disorder

In today's busy life, everyone gets tired. 
There have been some such changes in the whole routine from drinking and drinking, now most of the people struggle with the complaint of sleep. Some people get very little sleep, while some people sleep more than the normal time. Apart from this, many people's sleep is broken again and again and then they find it difficult to sleep again. There are many reasons for irregularity in sleep.Newztezz spoke to Dr. Aparna Ramakrishnan, Consultant Psychiatry at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital about this.

Question: Why is there a sleep disorder and how do we know that we are suffering from this disease?

Answer: Sleep is not only necessary for our rest, but it is also very important to restore our energy. That is why it is said that every person is advised to take 8 to 10 hours of sleep. But, at present the tension is spreading. For the past two years, we have lived in a world in which we have not yet seen. Due to all this stress, nowadays the biggest problem of sleep is seen in people. It has many symptoms.

The biggest problem is that we all have trouble falling asleep at some point. Frequent sleep breaks and once the sleep is broken at night, then it is also a symptom of not sleeping easily again. Many times it also happens that even after falling asleep after hard work, it is also a symptom of falling asleep soon. After this, you feel tired throughout the day. The height is on.

Similarly, there can be some different symptoms of sleep. Like getting too much sleep. In some cases, even after sleeping for 8 to 10 hours, it seems that the sleep is not complete. Apart from this, many people complain of talking in sleep or walking in sleep etc. These are all symptoms of sleep disorder.

In some cases, the speed of breathing also increases due to sleep disorder. Sometimes due to physical illness or due to a problem in the respiratory tract, the breath gets stuck and then suddenly sleep is woken up. If these problems persist for many nights, then it should be understood that you are suffering from the problem of sleep disorder. But it also has to be understood that if such a problem occurs for at least 3 days in a week for three consecutive months, then such a person has a sleep disorder i.e. sleep-related disease.

Question: Is the problem of sleep disorder also due to lifestyle?

Answer: Fatigue after shifting shifts or jet lag or heavy reduction of any kind is also considered in the category of sleep disorder. Right now we spend our time according to the external clock, we do our work. Our routine goes like this. Similarly, our body also has a clock, which we call biological clock. This clock tells us that now we are hungry, now is the time to eat, now is the time to sleep. Most of the time there is a near perfect balance between the external clock and the biological clock.

Question: Is stress or depression also a factor in sleep disorder?

Answer: Stress, anxiety or depression makes our emotions very high. Because of this, even when we go to sleep at night, the mind keeps running. In such a situation the mind does not get rest. And when the mind does not get rest, how can the body get rest. Due to the stressful life and routine of today, the cases of sleep disorder have increased even more.

Question: Now most of the time of the people is spent on the screen. Does it affect sleep too?

Answer: Absolutely. There is also a process called sleep hygiene, which all of us should also adopt. The first rule of this process is that before sleeping, keep away from the screen like laptop, mobile, tab, TV etc. The reason for this is that the light comes directly from the screen to our eyes. Due to this light, the hormones that should be made in our body for sleep are not made. Because of this we are unable to sleep. In such a situation, the more time we spend on the screen, the more late our sleep will come.

Question: How many types of sleep disorders are there?

Answer: There are many types of sleep disorder. The most common of these is insomnia ie sleeplessness. This means that even after lying on the bed, there is no sleep for a long time. At most, sleep should be achieved within 30 to 45 minutes. Even if sleep comes, he does not have concentration. Sometimes sleep breaks. Not only this, in such a situation, sleep opens very soon in the morning. Suppose normally you have a habit of getting up at 6-7 o'clock, but in case of insomnia, today you get up at 1-2 o'clock. After that you can't sleep again.

Quite the opposite is also a disease, which is called hypersomnia. There is a lot of sleep in this disease. People suffering from this disease do not get enough sleep even if they sleep for 10 hours. There is also another sleep disorder, which is called narcolepsy. Sleep takes more in this disease. These conditions are very harmful.

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