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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Man's luck turned because of a coin, crores of rupees will be available in the auction

Often we get such things once in a while, which may seem very common to see but their cost is in crores. 
Recently, a person in Britain has got such a gold coin whose value is being told in crores of rupees. An extremely rare gold Anglo-Saxon coin has been discovered with the help of a metal detector in the Wiltshire area. Because of this coin, the fortune of the British man is going to change. Actually a person was looking for some treasure, during this time he found this precious coin, which would make him the owner of crores.

According to a report, the price of this coin can be up to 200,000 euros i.e. 1,76,77,000 rupees in the auction. This gold coin weighing less than 5 grams is said to be from the time of King Ecgbarhat of West Saxon. The auction for this coin will be on 8 September. In the auction, the bid of this single Anglo-Saxon gold coin is estimated to be around Rs.2 crore. The person who got this coin was in search of some treasure for many years. After all, now his fate is going to turn around.

According to an expert, along with high standard gold, silver and copper have also been used in this coin. Gold of this type of purity is particularly malleable, so it is more likely to break. Along with this, the expert also said that it is being said that it is impossible to know anything about the period of this coin under the Excbarhat regime. Let us tell you that the composition of this coin is analogous to natural gold, which can neither be tampered nor artificially mixed with it.

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