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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Lack of sleep can affect men's sexual life

Importance of Sleep for Better Sex Life: Due to lack of sleep or lack of sleep, men may have to face many such problems including low sexual drive, due to which their sex life is affected badly.

Impact of sleep on Sexual Relationship: It is often said that 6-8 hours of sleep is very important for every human being because if sleep is not complete then neither will the mind feel in any work nor will the health be good. Let us tell you that as much as good sleep is necessary for a healthy body and mind, it is also needed to keep the sexual relationship right. Getting enough sleep is very important for a better life and a better sex life. Today we will tell you what sexual problems men may have to face due to lack of sleep.

low sexual drive

According to the information, if men have trouble sleeping or are unable to sleep properly for some reason, then it is seen that their mood changes quickly and their sexual drive is affected due to mood swings because Often they have low sexual drive due to fatigue and lack of sleep. Therefore, it is very important to have at least 6 hours of sleep to keep yourself fit and have a healthy physical relationship.

erectile dysfunction 

Let us tell you that according to studies done by many researchers, men who sleep well are often able to have sex better. At the same time, men facing the problem of sleeplessness have to face problems like less amount of testosterone hormone in the body and problems in erection. Let us tell you that the problem of having an erection in the penis is called Erectile Dysfunction, which occurs due to lack of testosterone and not getting enough oxygen.

do not enjoy

Fatigue can occur due to lack of sleep, due to which there may be trouble in having sex for a long time or reaching orgasm, which is also called extreme limit in Hindi.

low sperm count

Not only this, due to lack of sleep, the sperm count can also decrease. Also, due to less sleep, their sperm quality is also affected.

infertility problem 

Due to lack of sleep, men may also have problems with infertility. That is why it is important that the doctor should be consulted about not sleeping in time.

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