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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Keep these things in mind in the diet of diabetic patients, sugar will remain under control

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important for everyone. 
But it is very important for diabetic patients because only after controlling the food intake can control sugar. Diabetes is a serious disease in today's time. Which has become a big problem for the people. This disease cannot be completely cured, but by paying attention to the diet, the level of sugar can be controlled.

According to experts, the cause of diabetes can be poor lifestyle, ageing, obesity and stress. Due to this, the risk of heart-related diseases also increases. To control sugar, you can include fruits, green vegetables, whole grains in the diet. Let us know which things to take in the diet and which to avoid to keep the sugar level under control.

1. Eat healthy carbohydrate foods – The things which contain carbs affect our sugar level. That is why it is important to know which things contain healthy carbs. Healthy carbs are beneficial for health.

2. Eat less salt – Eating more amount of salt increases the risk of high blood pressure. Due to which the risk of heart diseases and stroke increases.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables – Eat more fruits and vegetables which act as nutrients for things like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eat fruits of fruit juice as sugar is added to the juice.

4. Choose Healthy Fats – We all should include healthy fats in our daily routine. This gives energy. Healthy fats include seeds, unsalted nuts, avocados, oily fish, sunflower oil and olive oil.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol – Alcohol is rich in calories which is harmful for diabetic patients. This increases the sugar level, due to which there is a risk of other diseases.

6. Include minerals and vitamins in the diet – Eat things rich in vitamins and minerals in the diet. These things keep you physically active and helps in controlling diabetes. Apart from this, it also reduces the risks of heart-related diseases.

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