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Monday, August 9, 2021

International Hockey player Gopal bhengra Demise in Ranchi Sunil Gavaskar helped him

International hockey player Gopal Bhengra has passed away. He has been ill for a long time. He was being treated at the Guru Nanak Hospital in Ranchi, where he breathed his last. After saying goodbye to hockey, his life was going through a lot of trouble. He did not even have money for treatment after falling ill. Then he had appealed to the government for treatment. After that he was undergoing treatment.

Was a member of the 1978 Hockey World Cup team

Gopal Bhengra was part of the Indian team which participated in the World Cup in 1978. Gopal Bhengra was earlier in the army, from where he started hockey. He played against Argentina and Pakistan in the World Cup. Gopal Bhengra had told that he was also selected for Olympic hockey, but due to some reason he could not go. In 1979, after retiring from the army, he played the role of captaincy of the Mohun Bagan team. After this he returned to the village in 1986. The money he received as a pension made it very difficult for him to survive.

Could not get treatment in army hospital

Despite falling ill for a long time, Gopal was not able to get himself treated in the army hospital as he did not have the necessary documents. He has two sons but both are unemployed.

was sick for a long time

Gopal Bhengra had a brain hemorrhage. The doctor treating him had informed about this. Apart from this, he also had a kidney failure, due to which his condition worsened. He had been ill for a long time.

Help was received from Sunil Gavaskar

International cricketer Sunil Gavaskar helped him after a news related to Gopal Bhengra was published. 7500 rupees were sent to him every month by his organization Champs. Actually Gopal Bhengra used to break stones near his village. When Sunil Gavaskar came to Ranchi to commentary on the Test being held in Ranchi, he presented the India team jersey to Gopal Bhengra.

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